Platform Acceptable Use Policy

At Kickboard, Inc., we have created and operate an instructional management platform and associated services. Like many hosted service providers, the name of our company is also the name of our suite of product and service solutions. We know it can get confusing, so we refer to our platform and services as “Kickboard” in this Policy, and will refer to the Kickboard, Inc. entity as “Company” or “we.” In a similar vein, although prepared in close consultation with legal counsel, we have tried to avoid too much “legalese” in an effort to make this Policy, as well as our Kickboard Platform and Service Privacy Policy, more accessible to the schools, teachers and parents we are proud to call our customers and users.

Your use of Kickboard is subject to this Acceptable Use Policy.

  • You will need a user name and password (sometimes called “credentials”) to access and use Kickboard, but to get that far, either you, or the school or school district you work with or where your child is enrolled, will need to have requested an account from us for you. (To keep things a bit simpler, we refer to schools and districts together in this Policy as “schools.”) You and your school must provide us with accurate and complete registration information about you, and must update it from time to time as necessary.
  • You will not attempt to obtain an account fraudulently (for example, by providing fake contact information).
  • You will not take any actions intended to compromise the security of Kickboard.
  • You will not attempt to alter, disable, interfere or work-around any aspect of Kickboard’s features or technology.
  • Once you do have a legitimate account, you must not share your login credentials with others or take other actions that jeopardize the security of your account.
  • You promise to only use Kickboard for your internal, non-commercial, educational use and only in a manner that complies with all laws and school policies that apply to you and/or your school (including FERPA, as discussed further in our Privacy Policy). If your use of Kickboard is prohibited by law or local policies, then you are not authorized to use Kickboard. If you are unsure whether use of Kickboard would comply with applicable laws and local policies, you should consult with your school or district before you enter, upload or access any data.
  • Kickboard is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and is owned by the Company. By granting you access rights, you are acquiring a limited license to use Kickboard for its intended, non-commercial, educational purposes. You may not copy all or portions of Kickboard.
  • Anything you enter or otherwise provide through Kickboard is your “User Submission.” Either you or your school (depending on your school’s policies) own your User Submissions. Since we do not own them, by using Kickboard, you are granting us a royalty-free (i.e., we don’t need to pay you) license to use your User Submissions – subject of course to our Privacy Policy. If your account is through a school, you should be aware that your User Submissions may be viewable by others within your school, although we will of course work with our customer schools upon request to assign appropriate permissions among users.
  • You promise that you will NOT enter or otherwise provide through Kickboard any data, content or materials that you don’t own or have appropriate rights to use, or anything that is unlawful or defamatory.

Last modified: June 16, 2014

Effective: July 14, 2014