Student SEL
& Climate Surveys

Simple monthly social emotional learning (SEL) and climate surveys for real-time student feedback.

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Kickboard offers the only solution that combines daily behavior recording and student survey data on a single platform.

This one-of-a-kind combination of real-time SEL skills, behavior and climate data enables powerful analysis to inform a variety of initiatives in your school:

Understand which SEL competencies students are excelling in and which competencies they are struggling with. Gain insight into how your SEL program is helping to foster a positive school climate. Using this data, adapt your SEL curriculum and program implementation to focus attention on the skills that students need to work on most.

Understand which social-emotional and behavioral skills students are excelling in and which skills they are struggling with. Gain insight into how PBIS is helping to foster a positive school climate. Using this data, adapt your PBIS implementation to focus attention on the social-emotional and behavioral skills that students need to work on most or address improvement areas in cultivating a positive school culture.

Measure the success of your Restorative Practices approach by examining trends in SEL skill and climate data. Identify progress in critical skills for relationships and responsible decision-making. Examine to what extent students feel safe and a sense of belonging at school. Set the stage for success in restorative practices and alternative discipline approaches, adapting based on insights from real-time SEL skill and climate data.

Monthly survey collection provides frequent, quick and easy touchpoints to check on student well-being in the face of trauma and toxic stress. Get a monthly snapshot of SEL skills and school climate data to better understand how students are feeling about their social-emotional well-being and their sense of equity, belonging, support and safety at school. Address gaps in student SEL skill development and shortcomings in school climate to create optimal learning environments for trauma-informed systems and practices.

Student Surveys

Quick SEL & Climate Surveys for Real-Time Student Feedback

6-question surveys delivered to students each month on the Kickboard mobile app or on the web

Real-Time Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Climate Surveys

Get student perspectives each month with our quick, 6-item SEL and Climate surveys. Over each three month cycle, students will reflect on their own SEL competencies defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

Students will also give feedback on school climate on four key measures:

Results are updated in real-time and questions repeat every three months to enable comparison across each category to see your school grow!

Kickboard Student Surveys Data Collection & Reporting

  • Teachers use the Kickboard app or website to record student behaviors in real-time
  • Students complete quick, 6-item, monthly surveys in the Kickboard student portal on the mobile app or the web
  • Teachers, school counselors and administrators access multiple data elements all together on the Kickboard reporting platform: behavior, SEL skills, school climate

Real-Time, Data-Informed Culture Initiatives

Our Student SEL and Climate Surveys provide real-time data to inform all of your school culture initiatives. Surveys will collect data on each SEL skill and climate category three times per year to compare results over time so that you can adapt to changing student needs throughout the year.

Research-Based SEL and Climate Survey Questions

Questions on our Student SEL and Climate Surveys are sourced from researched-based, widely used, open-access surveys, including: American Institutes for Research Conditions for Learning Survey, California Healthy Kids Survey, School Climate for Diversity Scale, and U.S. Department of Education School Climate Survey.

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