Positive School Culture Systems Proven to Reduce Suspensions


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Evidence-Based Toolkit for Purposeful Suspension Reduction


Reduce School Suspensions & Discipline

Kickboard is an ESSA, Level II evidence-based total solution that helps schools reduce suspensions and other incidents of discipline. Learn how schools use Kickboard’s strategies and real-time culture data to substantially reduce suspensions and discipline referrals and keep kids learning by following the steps below.

Steps for Success

Kickboard’s Evidence-Based Suspension Reduction Package includes:

Award-winning Kickboard software
Onsite teacher and leader PD sessions:

  • Envisioning Excellence and Strategic Planning for Culture
  • Empowering Staff for Success: Mindsets, Tools, and Strategies for a Positive School Culture
  • Progress Monitoring For PBIS: Systems to Ensure School Culture Goals are Achieved
  • Culture PLC’s: A Framework for Using Data to Drive Improvement

Or let us customize a package for you.

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Tulane University study finds Kickboard reduces suspensions

A study from the Education Research Alliance at Tulane University found that Kickboard reduces the number of suspensions per student by 26% to 72% and reduces the number of suspension days by at least 52%.

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Case Studies/Success Stories

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St. Louis Public SchoolsSt. Louis, MO.

St. Louis Public Schools reduces suspensions and discipline referrals, and expands Kickboard from 5 to 25 schools.

Together, the Kickboard software and leadership coaching are pushing our schools to think differently about what makes students and teachers successful, how they can create stronger cultures, and how they can sustain this improvement over time.

David Hardy, Deputy Superintendent

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Carmen High School reduces suspensions by 36%MILWAUKEE, WI

From 2014-15 to 2015-2016, CNHS reduced suspensions by 36 percent and increased student retention by 23 percent.

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Durham Elementary reduces suspensions by over 50%HOUSTON INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT

“With Kickboard, we’ve seen fewer in-school and out-of-school suspensions over the last year. As of December 2016, we had only five in-school suspensions and no out-of-school suspensions. By this point last year, we had closer to 15 to 20 in-school suspensions and at least five out-of-school suspensions.”

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Lyon Academy reduces suspensions from 200 to 3ST. LOUIS PUBLIC SCHOOLS, MO

"Four years ago, during my first year teaching here, we had over 200 suspensions. Since then, we’ve dramatically reduced the number of suspensions. This school year, in our first semester with Kickboard, we had only three or four out-of-school suspensions."