Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Assessment Tools & Training

Effective social emotional learning (SEL) improves well-being, reduces problem behaviors, supports academic achievement gains, and develops skills critical to success in college and career.

Our SEL Assessment Approach

Kickboard offers the only SEL assessment solution that combines daily behavior recording and student survey data on a single platform. This one-of-a-kind combination of real-time SEL skills, behavior and climate data enables powerful analysis to inform social emotional learning curriculum and program implementation.


Real-Time Data-Driven Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

Real-Time Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Climate Surveys

Teachers use the Kickboard app or website to record student behaviors in real-time while students complete quick, 6-item, monthly surveys in the Kickboard student portal on the mobile app or the web.

Teachers, school counselors and administrators access SEL skill, behavior, and climate data on Kickboard’s robust reporting platform provides flexibility for analyzing and reporting—access all your critical culture data in one central location.

SEL Skills & Core Competencies

Get student perspectives on SEL and Climate each month with our quick, 6-item surveys. Over each three month cycle, students will reflect on their own SEL competencies defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

Students will also give feedback on school climate on four key measures:

Results are updated in real-time and questions repeat every three months to enable comparison across each category to see your school grow!

Benefits & Features

Real-Time Recording of SEL Skills & Behavior

Quickly and easily record and analyze real-time data on observed student SEL skills and behaviors on the Kickboard app or website.

Measure student development

Measure student development of SEL skills over time at the individual, classroom, schoolwide and districtwide levels.

Evaluate effectiveness of SEL programs

Evaluate effectiveness of SEL programs based on student development of SEL competencies.

Gather real-time data

Choose SEL skills to record & measure across the entire school year or focus on different skills on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to correspond with specific SEL units of study. Check on SEL skills with our monthly student surveys.

Connect SEL skills & climate data

Combine daily skills and behavior data with monthly SEL and climate survey data for a complete measure of school culture at any time of year.

Align SEL & PBIS programs

Include items from our DESSA SEL Inventory in PBIS behavior recording to connect SEL instruction with PBIS behavioral systems and structures.

Include SEL skills in intervention plans

Include SEL skills in intervention plan monitoring: Identify and record demonstration of targeted SEL skills as part of behavioral intervention plans.

Integrate evidence-based SEL assessment & intervention

Add the DESSA System from our partner Aperture Education to access the nationally recognized DESSA social emotional learning measure, corresponding intervention strategies, and select lessons from leading SEL programs.

Record SEL skills aligned to the DESSA

Record SEL skills aligned to the DESSA, a curated set of 40 skills and behaviors related to the nationally recognized Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) — see our DESSA SEL Inventory.

Create & monitor intervention plans

Create and monitor SEL and behavior intervention plans for Tier 2 and 3 students—integrate your SEL and PBIS initiatives! Connect with our partners Centervention and Ripple Effects to provide a total solution for social-emotional and behavioral intervention.

Watch a 1 minute overview of this easy-to-use behavior capturing tool.

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