Classroom Behavior Management Software Apps & Systems

Kickboard provides a total solution, with software and professional services, for leaders, teachers, and community members to cultivate a positive school culture.

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Selecting the Right Software App & Tools to Manage Student Behavior

With Kickboard, students understand what is expected of them in every classroom and throughout the school campus. The Kickboard software gathers behavior data that schools can analyze to celebrate success and address areas of improvement. In all areas of the school, students can trust there will be consistency in both positive and negative consequences.

How Student Data Helps School Teachers Improve Behavior

Kickboard’s app provides a broad array of culture data at your fingertips that informs classroom management practices and guides teachers and students with tools to succeed.

Positivity Ratio

A positivity ratio to indicate the health of classrooms, groups, and students

User-friendly Interface

Easy-to-click buttons for minimal class flow interruption

Analysis Tools

Analysis tools that help teachers easily identify behavior trends and guide decisions

Student Portal

Immediate feedback for students on a virtual portal

Text Notifications

Real-time text notifications of student behavior for immediate action

Parent Portal

A parent portal to keep all stakeholders informed

Training for Classroom Behavior Management Programs

For schools in all phases of their positive school culture journey, Kickboard Professional Development helps to implement proven schoolwide systems and practices that help teachers effectively manage classroom behavior. Our training supports school initiatives like PBIS, SEL, RTI, Restorative Practices, Equity and more.

Learn how Kickboard's app & software management system can help you improve classroom behavior:

Multi-Tiered Supports & RTI Behavioral Interventions

To support students on individualized behavior plans, Kickboard shows you exactly what’s working and what needs tweaking. Create and monitor the progress of students with behavior goals while tracking total minutes of interventions, and their success with improving student behavior.

Positivity Ratio

Encourage staff toward a 3:1 or higher positivity ratio, and hold them accountable. Kickboard provides positivity data for students, teachers, groups, and schoolwide to keep the positive top-of-mind for schools aiming to cultivate and positive, supportive, and successful school culture.

Daily Behavior Activity At-a-Glance

Kickboard’s Daily Activity gives you thorough insight into how every student’s day starts, progresses, and ends. Comments and behaviors are tied to the staff member who entered them in the system so that schools have complete transparency into behavior patterns throughout a student’s day.

Keep Track Of When Things Don't Go So Well

When things don’t go according to plan, Kickboard is there. Use Consequences to track referrals, disciplinary incidents, and suspensions – including the who, what, when, where, and even why of a not-so-good situation.