Chronic Absenteeism

Chronic absenteeism affects as many as 7.5 million kids a year and is a strong predictor of low academic achievement and high school dropout.

Kickboard provides:

• One system for tracking daily attendance, tardies, behavior and school culture data.
• Methodology for selecting the daily behaviors you can track to reduce absenteeism.
• Experience helping schools to create a culture of 100% attendance. 

Kickboard schools have significantly reduced chronic absenteeism through the use of our solution and professional services. The key to our customers’ success is the ability to create a formative view of their school’s climate and culture to help schools become more proactive and preventative in addressing the problem.


Developing an Action Plan to Improve Classroom Attendance

The Right Systems

  • Conduct real-time behavior and culture reviews that reveal the underlying causes of chronic absenteeism.
  • Help students achieve positive social and emotional character development, while reinforcing the behaviors that make up your ideal school culture.
  • Manage goal-based incentives and rewards that motivate attendance and positive student behaviors.
  • Collect and analyze attendance and tardy occurrences easily.

Training for Leaders and Teams

  • Create a more positive school culture and nurture a culture of attendance.
  • Understand what Rituals and Motivators will drive attendance. Read more
  • Form an attendance review team to regularly monitor attendance data, determine root causes, and communicate issues as they arise.
  • Provide teachers and school leaders with multiple levels of support to help students stay more engaged and act positively.


  • Chronic Absenteeism Systems Audit and Recommendations
  • Implementing Systems and Processes To Reduce Student Absences
  • A Data Cycle for Reducing Chronic Absenteeism in Schools

The Right Data

  • Set automatic triggers to address absenteeism patterns before it’s too late.
  • Define and create your early warning system indicators. Read more about early warning indicators
  • Learn how to understand and address the root causes of attendance and tardy issues.
  • Use data to identify which students are at risk, so you can intervene before isolated absences becomes chronic absenteeism.

Case Studies

Success at Carmen Northwest High School (CNHS) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Using Kickboard to create a focus on character and improve positivity in the school culture. CNHS increased student retention by 23%.

Success at Central Elementary, Dallas ISD

Using Kickboard to manage and evaluate incentives and using Positivity to increase attendance and decrease tardies.


“Last year, we had an attendance problem,” said Longoria. “So, this year, students get $10 in Kickboard every Friday if they’re here all week and $10 more if they have no tardies. That’s increased our attendance a lot — and if we start to see an issue we can now intervene faster.”


“With PBIS and Kickboard, our teachers are focused on the positive. As a result, attendance is up, tardies are down, and our school culture is better,” said Longoria. 

— Kasie Longoria, Assistant Principal of Central Elementary, Dallas ISD

Watch a 1 minute overview of this easy-to-use behavior capturing tool.

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