Transitions: Planning for an Even Better Next School Year


Culture Leadership Team


With a school year’s worth of data and improvement efforts behind you, it’s time to build on what you’ve accomplished. During this collaborative planning session, your team will reflect on a range of data showing evidence of school culture change. Then, you will create next year’s strategic plan for school culture to move from good to great.

Challenges Addressed

  • Need to continue improving school culture but unclear what steps to take to advance

Program Outcomes

A strategic plan for next school year for improving campus culture that is aligned to the school’s mission, vision, and values.

The plan will include:

  • School Culture Goals
  • Metrics for Success
  • Action Steps
  • Responsibilities
  • Resources Needed
  • Plan for Monitoring

• A plan for leadership team to present to the full staff


Two 1-Hour Planning Meetings (Virtual) + 
Full-Day (6 hrs) in-person collaborative planning session

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