Kickboard Professional Services

Social Emotional Coaching:
An Introduction to Practices

Audience: Leaders, coaches, teachers, counselors, and other stakeholders who lead or influence SEL in schools


Building capacity is an important piece of investing in your SEL infrastructure. Developing SEL leadership will help you achieve the vision and goals for your school’s SEL implementation. SEL leaders and coaches can improve the SEL knowledge and skills of all stakeholders, including teachers, staff, students, families, and community members. In this course, participants will learn about specific SEL coaching competencies, qualities, roles, practices, and processes. This introductory course will give an overview and guidance for getting your school ready to develop SEL leadership through exercises and reflections.

Challenges Addressed:
  • Schools need to clarify the role of and SEL leader/coach
  • SEL coaches need preparation to work with teachers effectively
  • Schools need to get all educational stakeholders on the same page for their SEL efforts
  • SEL coaches need support to deal with resistance to systems change
Program Outcomes:
  • Determine the role of an SEL leader/coach
  • Learn about the practices and process for SEL coaching
  • Develop a model and resources that supports an SEL coach during implementation 
  • Get your system ready to engage in effective practices with support from an SEL leader/coach

On-demand, self-paced course (approximately 2 hrs)

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