School Culture Audit and Recommendations


Principal and Leadership Team


School leaders are often faced with the challenge of spending all their time on misbehavior. A “revolving door” of office referrals steals time from other critical, more proactive work. Kickboard Coaches will study your current Tier I schoolwide behavior support systems by conducting staff and student interviews, observing existing school culture practices, analyzing results of a leadership self-assessment, and reviewing current culture data. You will then receive actionable recommendations for improvement based on this audit of your Tier I culture systems.

Challenges Addressed

  • Teacher and administration losing time on discipline
  • Any proactive improvement planning that is done addresses only academics 
  • Teachers have adopted a punitive mindset 
  • Different teachers have different behavior expectations creating inconsistency across the school
  • A large number of interventions for struggling students
  • A lack of schoolwide positive support systems

Program Outcomes

  • A comprehensive report of current systems and written recommendations for improving and progress monitoring Tier I culture systems
  • Leadership Self Assessment survey results for continued areas of improvement


Two 1-Hour Planning Meetings (Virtual) + 
Full-Day (6 hrs) in-person collaborative session

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