Trauma-Informed Schools Professional Services

Professional Development for Teachers on Creating Trauma-Informed Classrooms

(Prerequisite: Foundational All-Staff PD for Becoming a Trauma-Informed School)


Teachers, Coaches, Classroom Support Staff


Teachers have had time to process and apply what they learned in the Foundational Professional Development Session and they are ready to learn more. This session will provide additional information and tools on integrating trauma-informed practices into the classroom, but will also provide an opportunity for teachers to develop their own action plan and goals specific to their classroom and practice.

The session will provide a forum for teachers to discuss with one another their successes and to collectively problem-solve and develop solutions to any barriers they have encountered. The Session Facilitator will collect feedback from the teachers to be shared with the Trauma-Informed Practices (TIP) Team as it monitors the strategic action plan and aligns school policy and practices with the principles of trauma-informed care.

Challenges Addressed

  • Teachers understand trauma and its impact, but are struggling with how to address it in the classroom
  • Teachers have encountered systems level barriers to the implementation of trauma-informed practices
  • Discipline referrals have not been reduced
  • Teachers are wanting practical tools to use in the classroom
  • Focus on trauma-informed practices and self-care is declining

Program Outcomes

  • Teachers create their own action plan for integrating trauma-informed practices into the classroom
  • Classroom action plan includes a data-driven plan for monitoring progress towards goals
  • Teachers feel more competent in their capacity to respond to students who have been exposed to trauma
  • Focus on trauma-informed care is maintained
  • Teachers and staff are maintaining self-care practices


One hour planning meeting (virtual)
Full-Day (6 hrs) in-person collaborative session with rotating teacher groups throughout the day

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