Mid-Year Reflection and Planning


Culture Leadership Team


Taking time to reflect, recalibrate, and renew midway through a school year is an important step to ensure you meet your school culture goals. Your Kickboard Coach will guide your team through a specific process for reflecting on your schoolwide systems, practices, and software usage. You will leave with a specific action plan for what adjustments you’ll make in order to ensure results in the second semester.  

Challenges Addressed

  • Lack of clarity for school culture improvement area
  • Declines in positive school culture metrics
  • Effective practices that taper off over the semester

Program Outcomes

  • An action plan for adjusting systems, practices, and the software to ensure you’re on track for meeting your goals. 


Two 1-Hour Planning Meetings (Virtual) + 
Half-Day (3 hrs) in-person collaborative planning session

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