Kickboard Professional Services

Establishing Consistent Systems for Schoolwide Positive and Corrective Consequences


Culture Leadership Team


Your culture leadership team will collaboratively create a detailed calendar of schoolwide student recognition systems and incentives as well as the criteria for earning each. They will also define an exact protocol for teachers to follow when corrective action is necessary and a negative consequence is earned. Kickboard will provide proven best practices and lead the group session to create a plan that ensures focus on positive achievements throughout the year. 

Challenges Addressed

  • Overall negative school culture
  • Lack of positive recognition for students 
  • Lack of schoolwide student recognition to motivate positive choices
  • Large number of behavior interventions for struggling students 
  • Budget constraints for maintaining schoolwide incentives in the past
  • Inconsistent consequences within the school
  • Recognition and incentives are arbitrary and not based on data

Program Outcomes

  • School Recognition Plan and Calendar 
  • Criteria for student recognition
  • School recognition systems
  • School corrective consequence ladder
  • Plan for leadership team to get full staff invested in recognition and consequence systems


Two 1-Hour Planning Meetings (Virtual) + 
Full-Day (6 hrs) in-person collaborative planning session

Kickboard has made a huge difference. We reduced disciplines by 44% in just 18 weeks. If I go to another campus and come back to ours, I can see and hear the difference. It’s so positive here and that’s changing the culture of our school. This not only improves students’ behavior but it improves their academic performance as well.