Envisioning Excellence and Strategic Planning for Culture


Principal and Culture Leadership Team


Studies have shown that a large majority of U.S. school leaders realize school culture is adversely affecting academic success but they don’t know what steps they should take to improve. During this session, Kickboard will guide the team to collaboratively create a vision for schoolwide culture excellence based on their shared beliefs. The vision will reimagine the school they wish to become, illustrating how the school culture will look, sound, and feel.  From the vision, the Kickboard coach will guide the school team to develop explicit goals and an actionable long-term strategic plan that will chart the course for success.

Challenges Addressed

  • School leaders know they have a culture problem but don’t know how to fix it
  • Absence of intentional work on school culture 
  • Lack of consensus among leadership regarding school culture
  • No vision for excellence for culture
  • School improvement plans that are only academic in focus
  • Lack of clear school culture improvement goals
  • Random or individual acts of improvement without a system-wide effort or plan

Program Outcomes

  • School culture belief statements 
  • School vision statement for culture excellence 
  • A strategic plan for improving campus culture that is aligned to the school’s mission, vision, and values.

Plan will include:

  • School Culture Goals
  • Metrics for Success
  • Action Steps
  • Responsibilities
  • Resources Needed
  • Plan for Monitoring

• A plan for the leadership team to get the full staff invested in the school culture plan 


Two 1-Hour Planning Meetings (Virtual) + 
Full-Day (6 hrs) in-person collaborative planning session

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