Kickboard Professional Services

Creating Positive Classroom Learning Environments

Audience: Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Support Staff, Leadership Team, Administration


At Kickboard, we know that creating the most positive and productive learning environment requires a specific skill set. The most powerful tools in a teacher’s toolkit are strategies to promote positive student behavior. The more positive behaviors students exhibit, the more everyone can learn and grow together. Our goal is to have teachers walk away from this course more confident and intentional about how to skillfully encourage more of the behaviors they desire, with concrete tools and strategies to use immediately in the classroom. 

This course was designed in collaboration with renowned author and thought leader Tom Hierck and contains many proven strategies from his book 7 Keys to a Positive Learning Environment in Your Classroom. 

Challenges Addressed:
  • Lack of classroom community
  • Low positivity or low expectations
  • Classroom management challenges
  • Reactive approaches to behavior
  • Punitive beliefs and mindsets
  • High incidents of classroom behavior send-outs
Program Outcomes:
  • Increased buy-in for the need to set an intentional classroom environment
  • Healthier peer and adult-student relationships that facilitate learning
  • A deeper understanding of why positivity is more powerful than punitive approaches
  • Cultivation of a stronger growth-mindset 
  • Proactive strategies for building a positive and consistent classroom environment that can be used tomorrow
  • Responsive tools and skills that help increase students’ positive behavior choices when they need more support
  • Concrete actions to take when facing challenging behaviors

On-demand, self-paced course (approximately 3 hrs)
Resources and tools for ensuring positive learning environments

Kickboard has made a huge difference. We reduced disciplines by 44% in just 18 weeks. If I go to another campus and come back to ours, I can see and hear the difference. It’s so positive here and that’s changing the culture of our school. This not only improves students’ behavior but it improves their academic performance as well.