Trauma-Informed Schools Professional Services

Coaching Teachers to Effectively Use Trauma-Informed Practices


School Leaders, Coaches, Mental Health Staff


Now that teachers have acquired foundational skills and knowledge around resilience and trauma, it’s time to think about how to coach teachers to support your Trauma-Informed Practices. This session will offer instructional coaches a chance to review and develop protocols and systems that will help teachers refine their classroom practices and strengthen their ability to build resilience in their students.

Challenges Addressed

  • In classroom observations, coaches are seeing that trauma-informed practices are not being used or are being used inconsistently
  • Teachers need reinforcement from coaches in the integration of trauma-informed practices
  • Teachers are getting frustrated because they are not noticing any improvement in student performance

Program Outcomes

Coaches have tools and information necessary to coach teachers in the implementation of trauma-informed practices.


Two 1-Hour Planning Meetings (Virtual) +
One full-day, in-person interactive PD session (6 hours)

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