Kickboard Professional Services

Behavior MTSS/RTI Tiers 2 & 3 Audit & Recommendations


Principal and Leadership Team


Students with intensive behavior challenges require additional support but the effort doesn’t have to be all-consuming for school leaders. With the right goals, exact plans, and effective progress monitoring systems in place, students will achieve their behavior goals. Your Kickboard Coach will conduct a comprehensive review of your current Behavior Response to Intervention (RTI) supports via interviews, observations, and data analysis to audit your current systems then make recommendations for improvement.

Challenges Addressed

  • Schoolwide culture is generally good, but there are still some “heavy-hitters” that are disrupting culture
  • Behavior intervention plans currently in place are not helping students achieve their goals
  • Behavior intervention plans in place without clear, measurable goals or progress monitoring systems
  • Not making use of reliable behavior data to drive decisions for students in need of additional behavior support
  • Lack of effective meetings for collaborative decision-making surrounding students in need of behavior support

Program Outcomes

  • A comprehensive report of current systems and written recommendations for improving Behavior RTI Tier 2 and 3 systems
  • Tools and protocols to support student behavior goal attainment


Two 1-Hour Planning Meetings (Virtual) + 
Full-Day (6 hrs) in-person collaborative planning session

Kickboard has made a huge difference. We reduced disciplines by 44% in just 18 weeks. If I go to another campus and come back to ours, I can see and hear the difference. It’s so positive here and that’s changing the culture of our school. This not only improves students’ behavior but it improves their academic performance as well.