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Extensive school culture professional development that gives educators evidence-based tools in the area of Equity, PBIS, and SEL

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Leaders must cultivate the right mindsets, systems, practices, and data to create sustainable change.

Kickboard’s approach: Our team guides leaders and teachers in a continuous cycle of improvement toward the positive culture outcomes students deserve. With each session, our coaches engage school leaders and staff in the Kickboard Culture Data Cycle. No matter where you are in your journey toward excellence, your school will benefit from collaborating with us.

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Equity and Anti-Racism

Kickboard’s Equity and Anti-Racism professional development provide on demand courses for both administrators and teachers. These courses focus on expanding the knowledge about systemic racism through understanding of history, data, policies, and practices, disparities in academic achievement, disproportionate punitive actions for students of color in schools, cultural competence/relevance, and bias in education.

Each course contains multiple modules that will cover a specific anti-racism topic. These modules include learning activities, videos/clips, articles, and readings followed by quizzes and reflections.

PBIS Positive School Culture Professional Development

Kickboard offers both virtual and on site professional development to support both district and schoolwide PBIS implementation initiatives. Achieving a thriving PBIS program requires more than just handing teachers an app and expecting positive results.

Leaders must cultivate the right mindsets, systems, practices, and data to create sustainable change. Whether schools are just beginning PBIS work or are further along, Kickboard Professional Services meet schools where they are.

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Professional Development

Kickboard offers SEL live virtual sessions, on site professional development and an on demand SEL Learning Library to support both district and schoolwide implementation initiatives.

Our professional learning spans the full spectrum of SEL implementation—planning, adult and student learning, and measuring and improving. We offer multiple courses in multiple formats at each stage to meet the unique needs of your teachers and administrators.

Trauma-Informed Professional Development

Kickboard’s Trauma-Informed Schools Professional Services provide leaders with systems and practices needed to effectively respond to the impact of trauma and toxic stress on students, staff, and parents. This leads to positive outcomes such as lower suspension rates, fewer reports of student aggression and improved student engagement and attendance.

These sessions provide a framework for the practice of trauma-informed care and will provide guidance and practical tools on integrating trauma informed practices into the school and its classrooms.

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Professional Services Team

Jolynn Greene

Professional Services Manager

Tiffani Slaughter

Professional Services Manager

Isiah King

Professional Services Manager

Hillary Miller

School Culture Coach

Dumaka Moultrie

School Culture Coach

Dr. Peggy Schiavone

School Culture Coach

Lori Heisler

School Culture Coach

Shelley Henderson

School Culture Coach

Emily Mishalanie

School Culture Coach

Dena Gaddis

School Culture Coach

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