PBIS Rewards to Improve Student Behavior in Your School

PBIS Rewards

Social emotional learning (SEL) and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) are integral components of building a strong school and classroom culture. SEL encompasses developing lifelong social and emotional skills that will develop well rounded students. On the other hand, PBIS focuses on teaching positive behavior and encouraging students to make positive choices. Rewarding students for positive behavior is key to creating a positive school culture. 

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PBIS reward systems have helped me throughout my career as an educator and is something that I still use in my school. I have created warm learning environments where students are empowered to make good choices, and now, as a school leader, I help other educators do the same. With a schoolwide PBIS system, students in my school are meeting behavioral expectations while focusing on SEL. Developing a reward and incentive system has greatly impacted student buy-in and resulted in students demonstrating positive behaviors. Placing reward systems that affirm when students are doing a good job is a tool every educator should use!

PBIS Rewards Ideas to Improve Student Behavior in Your School


  1. Take a quick wiggle or brain break
  2. 5-minute free choice center activity
  3. Special classroom job or teacher helper
  4. Positive note home to parent or guardian
  5. Teacher adds shout out to the classroom board
  6. Teacher gives student prop to wear such as crown, cape or glasses
  7. Student is able to read joke or riddle to the class
  8. Inexpensive token or toy from treasure/prize box
  9. Write with a special pencil or pen for the day
  10.  Allow student to take selfie to send to parents
  11. Student may select read aloud for the class
  12. Student may sit in teacher chair for a given amount of time
  13. Student may choose 3–5-minute online video (YouTube) for the class to watch
  14. Student may be a line leader when transitioning in the hallway
  15.  Lunch with teacher or friend of choice  


  1. Seat of choice for the day 
  2. Permitted to use technology during unstructured time 
  3. Homework pass 
  4. Have free time to talk 
  5. Break to do activity of choice 
  6. Dress down 
  7. Inexpensive snack 
  8. Extended lunch or transition 
  9. Help a classmate with an assignment 
  10. Choose music or song for the class to listen to 

How Kickboard can help with managing PBIS rewards and recognitions: 

Rewards are often a common component of a high functioning PBIS system, where students receive incentives for demonstrating positive behavior. Kickboard software can help you track, analyze, and monitor positive behavior within classrooms. Below are a few ways Kickboard can support with managing reward systems:

 Tracking data

Most rewards are earned through points or demonstrating positive behaviors. Kickboard can help you easily input and keep track of student behavior patterns and point or dollar earnings. 

 Analyzing trends

Kickboard provides data that can be filtered by teacher, group, and student for analysis and reflection. 

 Monitoring progress

Kickboard allows you to see patterns and analyze progress over multiple years. 

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