How Teachers Can Adopt a Positive Behavior Support System in Classrooms


Once PBIS is established schoolwide, PBIS in the classroom encourages teachers to recognize and reward positive student behaviors, as opposed to punishing students for undesired behaviors.

Once PBIS is established schoolwide, PBIS in the classroom encourages teachers to recognize and reward positive student behaviors, as opposed to punishing students for undesired behaviors. With the buy-in of stakeholders the use of practice, data, and systems create the basis for PBIS in the classroom. These factors work together to create positive outcomes for students and teachers.

Take a look at how teachers can create positive systems in their classroom that align with schoolwide PBIS.

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Classroom Checklist

When adopting PBIS in your classroom there are a few things to keep in mind including physical space, behavior management, and instruction.

Physical space

When organizing your physical classroom space consider how your desks and tables will be arranged based on the activities that take place in your classroom. Items in your classroom should be organized so that students know the desired purpose of each space and can locate all supplies.

Behavior management

When considering behavior management for their classrooms, teachers must set rules and routines that address how students are expected to interact with each other, how students are expected to interact with the teacher, and how students are expected to interact with the physical space. Next, establish rewards to reinforce positive student behaviors. Be sure that rewards are delivered consistently to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors. Finally, holding students accountable for their actions is important for behavior management. While students should be recognized for positive behaviors; teachers must also hold students accountable when they do not follow rules and routines.


Creating engaging instructional opportunities will reduce problem behaviors. High-quality academic instruction is part of adopting PBIS is your classroom. Simply put, when students are engaged in content at the appropriate level they are less likely to misbehave.


Adopting Support Systems

Behavior management requires the most focus when creating classroom plans that align with your schoolwide systems. Here are some things to consider:

Support Schoolwide Systems With Fidelity

The first step to creating a classroom system that works for you and your students is to acknowledge the schoolwide systems with your students. It is important to let students know that there are rules and procedures that everyone in the school must follow, like transitions or noise level in the building. Then communicate that there are specific systems that need to be followed in your classroom. All of the systems work together to help teachers and students create the best environment for learning. Additionally, be sure to hold yourself and your students accountable for following the rules when you are outside of your classroom. Students will respect school systems if they see that their teacher respects them.

Set Similar Norms and Use Similar Language

Use the schoolwide system help to guide the rules and expectations that you create in your own classroom. Show that the rules work together by using similar language in your classroom as is used schoolwide.

Align Class Rewards With School Rewards

When creating a reward system for your students, create rewards that can be earned in your classroom as well as in school. For example, for small accomplishments, students can get a reward in class but teachers should also be motivating them to work toward schoolwide incentives or celebrations.

Get Your Administration Involved

Getting your administration involved is two-fold; talk to your administration if you are having trouble thinking of systems that align to the schoolwide systems. Let leadership know you want to support the schoolwide PBIS and ask for suggestions. Additionally, include administration in your class rewards. Lunch with the Principal or Vice Principal can go a long way as a class reward. If this is an option be sure you to discuss the role your school leaders would be willing to play in your class rewards.

Here at Kickboard we have seen school culture transform because of effective implementations of PBIS. We also have the tools and resources to support your school team as they begin to implement PBIS as a way to promote positive school culture. Click here to learn more about how Kickboard can support PBIS in your school.