Effective PBIS Incentives for Students and Teachers

Effective PBIS Incentives for Students and Teachers

Have you ever wondered how to effectively reward students for making positive choices within the school day?

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) can help you do this. PBIS is at the core of developing a strong culture that meets the social and emotional learning (SEL) needs of students. When done with fidelity, PBIS encourages children to meet behavioral expectations, while simultaneously creating a warm learning environment and building strong teacher-student relationships.

Rewards are an integral component of establishing PBIS systems in your school. PBIS reward systems recognize and reward children for being leaders and making positive choices. These rewards keep kids motivated by reinforcing good behavior, and ultimately incentivizing them to keep making good choices everywhere in the school building!

The PBIS systems allow educators to set attainable goals for students and reward them along the way for reaching benchmarks. This is key to developing a school climate where kids are motivated to meet expectations set forth by the teacher.

In order to bring a PBIS program to life, it is essential to carefully consider inexpensive rewards that will encourage younger students, middle school students, and even high schoolers to meet behavioral expectations. 

Kickboard software can help you keep track of behavior and incentives for your entire class or school in order to keep students motivated to make good choices.

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What are Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports incentives?

PBIS incentives are rewards that teachers and staff can use to encourage and incentivize positive behavior. When effectively implemented, educators are able to build a warm classroom culture where everyone is encouraged to make positive choices. This helps educators build productive leaders who will be future change-makers in our society. Additionally, this allows educators to focus heavily on academics and student achievement while discouraging negative behaviors that detract from learning.

What are some incentives for students?

There are many inexpensive or free incentives and rewards that educators can use for students exhibiting positive behavior throughout the school year. Many educators opt to have students choose their rewards to build heightened investment in the program. On the other hand, some educators allow students to choose from a predetermined list to offer leadership and choice within their classrooms. It is important that educators create clear expectations and determine the positive behaviors everyone must exhibit to earn rewards. Transparency and clear expectations will ensure that PBIS reward or incentive systems feel fair, ultimately building trust between students and educators in schools. Some examples of behaviors that could warrant PBIS rewards are:

 Earning a specific number of points within a behavioral system.

 Not needing multiple reminders to follow directions.

 Showing leadership within the classroom.

 Participation and work completion.

These are just a few good behaviors that could warrant classroom rewards or incentives. Many educators determine desired behaviors based on their classroom, student body, and individualized needs of their students.

Below are some examples of free or inexpensive PBIS rewards and incentives for your school, classroom, or individual students:

Lunch with a staff member, i.e., principal

This is a great, low-cost reward that students can earn. When students earn this reward, you can set up a time to have lunch with a staff member that the student chooses.

Raffle tickets for prizes (possibly with a paperless option)

Free or inexpensive rewards are a great way to keep students invested. There are many small prizes that students can earn, and larger prizes can be raffled. Students can receive raffle tickets based on the number of times they display a desired behavior. These tickets can be given out when school starts or at the end of the day. The more raffles they have, the greater their chances of winning the prize!

Student’s choice

This is a great option for so many students. As the educator, you can provide your class with a bank of options. Or, you can let your student choose the reward they would like. As long as it is within the rules of the school, this is a great way to have students take ownership over their behaviors and PBIS rewards. Students may opt to watch their favorite music video, sit in a special seat, or write a letter to a friend.


Students love games! Games can range from age-appropriate board games to Simon Says. This is a great and low-cost incentive that you can include in your class to reward your students for meeting expectations. This can be done as a school for your entire student body or during morning meeting for individual students.

Extra recess

Kids love recess. When students are meeting your expectations, a simple and inexpensive reward is to give them extra time to play on the playground or within the room with their friends. 

Field Day

Field day is a fun incentive that can be organized with just your class or the entire school! This is a great way to create a day where students can have organized and free play. PBIS rewards can easily be used to participate in the festivities such as a water balloon fight!

Pajama Day

Students love to come to school super relaxed. Having a pajama day is a great incentive for students when they show positive behaviors. This is a fun option that is low cost and really easy to organize!

Talent Show, etc.

Students love expressing themselves! Why not create a space where students can showcase their talents as a reward for meeting your expectations? This is a low-cost reward and can happen right in your room!

School Dance

You can always tie incentives into activities you already have planned at your school. Allow students to use their earned behavior points for admission to a dance and the chance to request music of their choice.

Class Store

Students can earn points to redeem for small prizes or privileges within classrooms or throughout the school. This can vary from line leader, nap time, or movie tickets that students can use throughout the week.

What incentives do teachers want?

Teachers work extremely hard and are at the forefront of developing the future leaders of our nation. It is important that we recognize their efforts and keep them motivated to inspire students on a daily basis. As teachers and educators, you are at the core of the school and add great value to the well-being of students. PBIS rewards are great tools to keep educators encouraged and invested in their role while cultivating a robust PBIS rewards system school-wide or within individual classes. It is important that everyone is rewarded for their hard work and teachers are not excluded from this effort. The list below includes incentives and rewards that are especially designed to award educators while remaining free or inexpensive. 


  • Principal or admin support the teacher with photocopies for a day
  • Custom handmade gifts from students
  • Positive notes from students or families 
  • Shout outs for hard work
  • Duty-free day at the end of the week
  • Post positive student or family  testimonials on social media
  • Door decoration (easily attached with inexpensive supplies or duct tape)
  • Faculty meeting pass
  • Dress down day
  • Preferred parking
  • Appreciation video 
  • Sit in a comfortable chair at a faculty meeting

$20 or less: 

  • Gift Card 
  • Small trophy 
  • Lunch or breakfast
  • Classroom materials 
  • Sweet treat (Cupcake, muffin, candy, etc.)
  • Personalized t-shirt or accessory 
  • Gas card 
  • Book or magazine 
  • Flowers or a special gift 
  • Donation to charity of choice 
  • Class photo with frame 

Start using Kickboard now!

Kickboard software has helped many schools keep track of their PBIS program for teachers, staff, and students.

PBIS incentives and rewards greatly impact the culture and morale within many schools. They encourage students to make positive choices and allow educators to focus on academics and student achievement. Additionally, when building a PBIS program within your school, PBIS rewards can help educators and students feel recognized for their hard work. Kickboard software can help you track, analyze, and monitor positive behavior within schools. By using Kickboard, you will be able to effectively implement and sustain your PBIS program.