With Kickboard’s New RTI System, Teachers Can Easily Create, Monitor and Update Behavior Intervention Plans Kickboard | 3.07.2016

NEW ORLEANS — March 7, 2016 — Many schools rely on early warning indicators to monitor behavior warning signs and identify students who may be falling off track. Once these students are identified, however, paper-based or disjointed systems make it difficult for educators to track behavior intervention plan details or pull data to determine if the interventions are working. With Kickboard’s new behavior Response To Intervention (RTI) System, K-12 educators can now easily create, implement and monitor individual behavior intervention plans across all RTI tiers.

The latest enhancement to the Kickboard school-wide behavior management system, the behavior RTI System gives educators the tools and data to stay a step ahead of escalating issues, while intervening at the right place and time. Within each intervention plan, teachers can assign one or more behavior interventions from Kickboard’s configurable Intervention Library, as well as designate specific positive behaviors to replace negative behaviors. As the interventions are implemented and teachers enter behavior data into Kickboard as part of their daily routines, the data is automatically populated into each student’s plan. This seamless integration saves time and allows teachers to easily monitor student progress, based on quantitative data, in every class throughout the school day. Further, because it is updated in real-time, educators can immediately act upon the data.

For example, data points such as “total time spent in interventions” helps teachers better measure which interventions are the most effective, so they can share and replicate best practices. In addition, teachers can access an array of clear, easy-to-understand visuals, including graphs that not only show a student’s progress toward his or her intervention plan goals but the likelihood of meeting those goals based on the student’s current progress.

“For years, teachers have had to jump from one system to another to track behavior data for Tier 1 students and behavior interventions for students at Tier 2 or above — or they’ve had to manage all that data with spreadsheets or paper and pencil,” said Kickboard CEO Jennifer Medbery. “With Kickboard, teachers can now quickly identify students who are struggling, create a behavior intervention plan, and monitor their progress — all in one system.”

According to Medbery, the RTI System builds upon the capabilities of Kickboard’s Early Warning Indicator System, which was introduced last year. “The Early Warning Indicator System gives schools the ability to establish ‘triggers’ to instantly alert educators if students are veering off track. Now, with the RTI System, they can immediately create behavior intervention plans, assign interventions, access real-time data points to see if the interventions are working, and take action as needed,” she said.

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