New Video: Successful RTI Leadership


Catch up on our latest leadership success webinar! Special guests from Louisiana Key Academy share their secrets for building a highly effective RTI practice.

Do you have students on behavior intervention plans that don’t seem to be resulting in any change? Need help getting started with leveraging software like Kickboard to manage behavior interventions?

Luckily for you, we recently hosted a webinar with special guests from Louisiana Key Academy who shared:

  • Best practices for creating Tier II and III behavior intervention plans in software like Kickboard.
  • How to ensure behavior plans are truly working to change behavior patterns.
  • Success stories from school leaders who have combined highly-effective school practices with Kickboard behavior plans to ensure student success.

Now, everyone can access the webinar recording, Q&As from the audience, related blog stories, and notes from our experts!

Download the official slide deck from our webinar right here.

Read the Q&As from our audience with special responses from Kickboard experts.

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