Free RTI Tool #3: A Script For an RTI Progress Monitoring Meeting


Our third free tool makes your RTI progress monitoring meetings more decisive, analytical, and conclusive…

Is the management of Behavior RTI for Tier II and Tier III making you want to run for the hills?  This true-to-life script will show you how Kickboard can help your intervention management become simpler, faster, less emotion-driven, and more data-driven!

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How to Use This Script:

We’re giving you three scripts that together portray a complete Behavior RTI story. Each one can serve as a guide to make your Behavior RTI meetings more effective when combined with your existing Kickboard data and analysis tools. We also encourage you to print and share these scripts to help your staff better understand effective intervention goal-setting and monitoring. Finally, the visuals we’ve provided will help you and your team use Kickboard to create and use the plans within each script. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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(Continued from Script 2) Six weeks after Quan’s goal was set and his behavior plan implemented, the Student Success Team meets again. They analyze the intervention plan’s progress monitoring data to decide if the plan is working and what needs to happen now.

The Script – Ready For You To Use and Make Your Own

Principal Hope: Next up, let’s talk about how Quan is doing. First, your overall impressions and observations.

Mr. Pi:  I think he’s doing much better. He’s been to the reflection room a few times but not nearly as often as before the plan. And his mom called the other day to check in on his behavior and had noticed he comes home happier. He’s also improving on his exit tickets and quizzes.

Mr. English:  I’m SO proud of him. He’s not quite “there” yet, but he’s made great progress with his yelling out and disturbing the class. His reading Lexile level has jumped from a 550 to a 700. Also, his peers seem to be bringing him back into the fold again.

Mr. Hart: He is able to recount for me during check-ins what his wins are and what caused his slip-ups. And he LOVES watching his progress graph–it seems to really motivate him.

Principal Hope: Speaking of his data, let’s pull up that progress monitoring graph for a bit.

Click the image to see a larger version.

Principal Hope:  Well, what does the data tell us?  Is his plan working?

Mr. Pi:  I see he hasn’t achieved his +$4 a day goal, but his trend line is definitely up. To me, that says the plan is working but he still needs the support we have in place.

Ms. English: I agree, I think he still needs some intervention before he’s independent.  Maybe we can wean him off his check-ins?

Mr. Hart: Yes, I’m not confident he’d maintain the progress he’s made if we didn’t have our regular check-ins. But why not go down to once a day and leave his goal the same?

Ms. English: Great idea.

Mr. Pi: Perfect! He still gets our support, still feels like the rules are the same, and it’s gradually helping him become independent with the behavior he’s learning.

Principal Hope:  I think that’s a consensus. Mr. Hart, would you please create a new plan for Quan in Kickboard starting tomorrow running through the next four weeks? Keep the goal value the same but your check-ins should be adjusted to only once a day.


After another month of check-ins scaled back to once a day, Quan continues his progress and meets his goal. They invite his mom in for a celebratory conference and Quan continues to use his strategies independently and keep his disruptions in check for the rest of the year!  And, most importantly, his academic progress – which was in no small part achieved through behavior improvements – was the biggest celebration of all.

Look for our next blog post later this month to find out what to do when interventions are NOT working!

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