Free RTI Tool #2: A Script For Behavior Check-Ins Between Student & Counselor


Our second free tool makes your RTI behavior check-ins much more effective and positive…

Is the management of Behavior RTI for Tier II and Tier III making you want to run for the hills?  This true-to-life script will show you how Kickboard can help your intervention management become simpler, faster, less emotion-driven, and more data-driven!

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How to Use This Script:

We’re giving you three scripts that together portray a complete Behavior RTI story. Each one can serve as a guide to make your Behavior RTI meetings more effective when combined with your existing Kickboard data and analysis tools. We also encourage you to print and share these scripts to help your staff better understand effective intervention goal-setting and monitoring. Finally, the visuals we’ve provided will help you and your team use Kickboard to create and use the plans within each script. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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(Continued from Script 1) It’s two weeks into Quan’s new behavior plan.  Mr. Hart, the counselor, meets with him in his office for their twice-daily check-in.  Mr. Hart pulls up today’s behavior log for Quan on Kickboard.

The Script – Ready For You To Use and Make Your Own

Mr. Hart:  Quan, how did your afternoon go?  Were you able to use that 3-2-1 strategy we learned at all?

Quan:  Well, I had a few problems with interrupting Mr. Pi during the Math game. But then, I remembered what you taught me and tried it out.  So after that, I got $4 for self-control!

Mr. Hart: I see that here in Kickboard.  So far today, you’ve had 24 behaviors logged. You’ve had only 3 incidents of disturbing learning BUT you had 2 incidents of self-control. High-Five, my man!  That’s progress!  Let’s look at your progress chart and see how you’ve done the last few weeks.

Mr. Hart switches views to show Quan’s intervention plan progress graph.

Click the image to view a larger version.

Quan: (beaming) It’s going up!

Mr. Hart: That’s right!  You’ve had a few ups and downs, see here? But overall, you’re on track for making your goal of +$4 a day.  Now, tell me WHY.

Quan:  Because I’ve been using that 3-2-1 strategy for thinking before I say something out loud.  It’s helped me a lot. I still goof up some but I’m getting better.

Mr. Hart:  Progress, not perfection, Quan. I’m proud of you!

Mr. Hart then clicks the RTI triangle icon next to Quan’s name in Daily Activity to record time spent on the intervention and a few anecdotal notes.

Click the image to see a larger version.

Check out Script 3 for the conclusion of the story and see how the school uses progress monitoring data to determine next steps for Quan.

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