A Day in the Life of a Kickboard School Leader


We’ve collected exceptional practices from Kickboard leaders across the nation and coupled them with grounded research on what improves schools like yours.

Proactively Support Positive Behavior

We’ve collected exceptional practices from Kickboard leaders across the nation and coupled them with grounded research on what improves schools like yours. In this post you’ll enjoy an infographic with some easy-to-implement ideas for using Kickboard. It depicts how a school leader can use Kickboard in a proactive manner that will drastically improve behavior RTI Tier I supports.

→ Download our infographic to learn how you can set a daily PBIS schedule

Morning Greeting: 7:00 am

Proactive Principal Patti greets students at the door as they enter for the day, shaking hands and saying something encouraging to as many individuals as possible, based on behaviors logged in Kickboard the day before.



Breakfast: 7:15 am

Patti supports staff on breakfast duty as they walk around with tablets and award Kickboard points to students who meet expectations. Patti narrates positive expectations over the sound system and refers to visual anchor charts displayed in the cafeteria to reinforce expectations. Other leaders are in place at car and bus lines using Kickboard in those locations as well.



Tardy Prevention System: 7:45 am

While Patti is at the front door greeting students who are slow to arrive and marking ‘tardy’ behaviors in Kickboard, tardy students are automatically triggered on Kickboard’s “Tardy Call List”. This makes it almost instant and automatic for the front office to place timely phone calls home.



Announcements: 7:55 am

Patti makes the announcements for the morning. She reads the top ten Kickboard earners from the Leaderboard over the loudspeaker. These students receive gold medals and proudly wear them throughout the day! 



Dashboard Check: 8:00 am

Patti stops in her office to get organized for the day. She logs into Kickboard and looks at the positivity ratios on the School Dashboard for last week. She notices 5th grade was significantly lower than the school’s 3:1 positive-to-negative behavior goal. 



Culture Analysis: 8:05 am

Since 5th grade is lower in positivity, Patti looks at Culture Analysis and filters by teacher for the 5th Grade. For most, positive behaviors are high but two teachers really stand out. This data guides her decision about which classrooms to visit during today’s walk-throughs.



Classroom Visits Based on Culture Analysis: 10:30 am

Patti drops in on the two 5th grade classes that the Kickboard data has led her to observe, specifically looking at the climate of the room. She captures evidence of teacher actions that contribute to classroom culture such as clear procedures, specificity with expectations, narration of behaviors, and positive interactions with students. 



Lunch: 11:30 am

Patti and other staff on duty are on the hunt for positive behavior in the cafeteria. Adults roam the space ready to award points in Kickboard. The class with the most “cafeteria manners” incidents that week get automatically added to the coveted Magnificent Manners award list in Kickboard and the honor of eating at a special table on the stage.



1×1 Feedback Conferences: 1:00 pm

Patti holds a dedicated 1×1 bi-weekly meeting with each teacher she supervises.  Using Kickboard Culture Analysis filtered by teacher and a simple meeting protocol, Patti and the teacher gather around the laptop to celebrate strengths in the data and plan improvement areas for the upcoming two weeks.




Parent Conference: 2:00 pm

Patti has a conference with Jesse’s father, who is concerned about a teacher “getting on Jesse too much.”  She pulls up Student Reports to show a log of Jesse’s behavior, consequences, and anecdotal notes. Together they note that the teacher enters significantly more positive behaviors than negative. This data helps both parent and principal uncover a trend and guides them to a solid plan to support Jesse.



Fun Friday: 2:30 pm

Patti stops by 4th grade to congratulate those who have earned Fun Friday. Many students are enjoying a 30-minute special activity, in today’s case it’s a pizza party, because they met their weekly goal of earning $100 in Kickboard. Teachers easily identify who can participate because a positive consequence trigger shows a green flag next to their names in Daily Activity.



Counselor’s Watch List: 2:45 pm

Patti really wants to ensure bullying never becomes a problem on campus so the counselor uses an automated trigger for any pre-bullying behavior entered in Kickboard. The counselor uses the Consequence Roster daily to identify students needing immediate counseling to curb these behaviors. Patti stops in briefly on a session to offer an encouraging word.



Dismissal: 3:00 pm

Patti monitors the afternoon dismissal to ensure it runs as smoothly as the mornings. Routines and expectations for a safe dismissal are clearly visible on walls and narrated over the sound system for each exit area. Staff are stationed and awarding Kickboard dollars to students and groups who are following expectations.



Positive Calls Home: 4:00 pm

On Friday afternoons, Patti pulls up this Positive Consequence Roster and starts calling parents of children who have really gone above and beyond expectations earning $200 or more this week. Teachers at the school also send notes home using the Teacher Positive Note Home roster for any student who has earned $150 or more. 



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