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St. Louis Public SchoolsSt. Louis, MO

St. Louis Public Schools reduces suspensions and discipline referrals, and expands Kickboard from 5 to 25 schools.

Together, the Kickboard software and leadership coaching are pushing our schools to think differently about what makes students and teachers successful, how they can create stronger cultures, and how they can sustain this improvement over time.

David Hardy, Deputy Superintendent

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Gabriella Charter SchoolLos Angeles, CA

Gabriella Charter School in Los Angeles, CA started the 2018-2019 school year with an intentional focus on students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) development. They set out to accomplish three…

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Herzl School of ExcellenceChicago, IL

By shifting its focus from punitive to positive, Chicago school exhibits astounding improvement.

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Ron Brown College Preparatory High SchoolWashington, D.C.

The leaders at RBHS are proactive when it comes to behavior data. Adults reinforce and capture when students are exhibiting their PACE Core Values in real time using Kickboard.

When I was researching systems, I visited a school that had Kickboard. As soon as I saw teachers using Kickboard to reward students for positive behaviors, I got super-excited. With PBIS and Kickboard, our attendance is up, tardies are down, and our school culture is better.

Kasie Longoria, Assistant Principal

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Hope Public SchoolsArkansas

In its first year of implementation, Hope School District has already seen dramatic signs of success.

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Bentley Academy Charter SchoolSalem, MA

Bentley Academy Charter School Jumps from Level 4 to Level 1 School, Exits Turnaround Status

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Carmen High School of Science and TechnologyMilwaukee, WI

Carmen Northwest High School’s Rigorous Academics and Character-Based Culture Turns High-Poverty School into High-Performing School

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HOPE Christian High SchoolMilwaukee, WI

HOPE High School saves time and makes it easy to analyze and act on student behavior data with Kickboard.

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Durham ElementaryHouston Independent School District

Durham Elementary reduces suspensions and improves academic performance by building relationships and creating a strong school culture.

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Betty Best ElementaryHouston, TX

With CHAMPS™ and Kickboard, Best Elementary in Houston, TX celebrates state accountability success.

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Lyon AcademySt. Louis Public Schools, MO

From 200 suspensions to just 3. This Title I school began using Kickboard in 2014 to improve student behavior, resulting in fewer suspensions, improved the school culture, more engaged parents, and happier teachers.

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TechBoston AcademyBoston Public Schools, MA

TechBoston's Chief Academic Officer sees the immense value in instilling a school culture initiative with Kickboard.

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Billingsville ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC

Billingsville Elementary is one of Charlotte-Mecklenburg's most impoverished schools. Learn how an innovative principal significantly increased parental involvement and teacher collaboration, leading to a big reduction in disciplinary incidents.

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Lowery ElementaryAscension Parish School Board, LA

Dawn Love asked Kickboard to help address poor student performance. Lowery reduced disciplinary incidents by 29% and increased its school performance score by 5.5 points and an entire letter grade.

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Central ElementaryDallas ISD, TX

In its first semester using Kickboard to support PBIS, this Title I school reduced disciplines by 44%, increased attendance, reduced tardies, increased students’ time on task, and improved academic performance.

Life with Kickboard Safe Schools

When schools become safe - physically and emotionally - students engage and districts succeed.

The Eggleton School District Needs Help

Superintendent Bailey and his team of school leaders are fielding too many calls from worried parents. More and more families are pulling their kids out of the district because Eggleton's schools aren’t as safe or supportive as they used to be. Furthermore, schools are losing money due to lower per-pupil attendance rates. Eggleton's leaders are wondering, “How do we make our community a place where people want to live?”

Students Are Disengaging

In recent years, bullying has been on the rise, conflicts have been hard to predict and prevent, and kids don’t feel nurtured in their classrooms - so they're disengaging. Mr. Bailey and his school leaders have spent a lot of money and time trying to fix these problems but have so far been unable to ease parents’ minds.

So They Try Kickboard

Inside Eggleton's schools, teachers are now collaboratively using Kickboard to work with students who need a helping hand. With a tap on their tablets, teachers can see which students are having a rough day, understand the symptoms, and confront the problems in the most supportive manner. Now, Eggleton students are finally starting to feel like their teachers have their backs. 

Parents Are Regaining Trust

The game of “he said, she said” between teachers and parents is finally over in Eggleton. After monitoring the Kickboard parent portal, Mrs. O’Connell is happy to see real evidence that her son's teacher has taken action to decrease outbursts through responsive behavioral interventions. In fact, the Kickboard student report shows real evidence of the teacher's actions. Mrs. O’Connell no longer feels the need to pull her son out of class.

Principals Are Well Equipped

Eggleton's school leaders are using Kickboard to conduct informed action-planning sessions with teachers. Schools are measuring real gains in positivity and there are now consistent safety and behavioral expectations in every classroom - including how they identify, track, and follow-up when things may go off track. And with school resource officers using Kickboard in the halls and on the playgrounds, students are feeling nurtured in and out of the classroom.

Schools Feel Safe Again

Eggleton students and staff are no longer plagued by disciplinary issues, bullies, and unsafe behaviors. Principals and teachers are able to resolve conflicts before they escalate and run schools that offer safe and productive learning environments. Finally, students have re-engaged and families are moving to Eggleton when looking for safe and supportive schools for their children.

Life with Kickboard Happy Schools

Teachers and students are more inclined to achieve great things when positive culture is more than just a platitude.

Valuable Learning Time Is Being Lost In Eggleton

Being at school is becoming less than a happy experience in the Eggleton School District. Attendance is erratic, teachers are struggling to manage disruptive behavior, and parents are worried that students are losing focus in a negative environment. Everyone’s asking, “How can we meet our goals when learning is losing ground to poor attitudes?”

Hallways Used To Be More Full of Life

Student motivation is falling and unhappy teachers are looking for more support from a leadership team that is already dealing with too many disciplines, referrals, and suspensions. Eggleton needs to turn this ship around. And fast…

So They Try Kickboard

Kickboard coaches begin to work with Eggleton's school leadership teams to kick-start a PBIS initiative and focus on positive behavior reinforcement. With guidance from their coaches, every school is now using Kickboard technology to consistently track behaviors and feedback across every classroom in the district. Finally, all teachers are part of a collaborative network of support, accountability, and transparency. 

Student Attitudes Are On The Upswing

Each day brings the possibility of a student’s name topping the Kickboard Leaderboard - and everyone cheers the latest culture leaders on the screen in the main lobby. Suddenly, one tap by a teacher in Kickboard might activate a trigger that adds a student to a celebration roster or gives them an extra dollar in their student paycheck. Who wouldn’t want to do good for a spot on the pizza party list or an extra point to spend at the school store? 

Teachers Find Life Again In The Classroom

The massive binders and spreadsheets full of behavior notes and referrals that used to make teachers cross-eyed have been replaced with Kickboard’s Daily Activity dashboards. Teachers immediately see what is going on in every student’s day with behavior logs and notes from other teachers – all updating in real time. Now, when students arrive in class, teachers already know how to pull the right levers to help even the most off-track students find their footing.  

Leadership Is Once Again In The Know

Every morning, Eggleton's school leaders look at the Kickboard Positivity Ratio to get an instant temperature check on school culture. With Kickboard’s visual Early Warning Indicators helping to identify which students need their immediate attention, leaders feel confident in turning real-time student information into positive action. Seeing behind every classroom door with Kickboard-level transparency turned out to be the missing piece.

Eggleton Finds Happiness Again

Positive school culture brought everyone together to create real change. Students are more driven to attend class, teachers are collaborating with one another to reinforce positive behavior, and school leaders and parents are armed with insights that make a difference. While suspensions, referrals, and disruptions will always be on the radar, there’s now a clear path towards real progress.  Eggleton Schools are positively happy places to be.

Life with Kickboard Thriving Schools

Sometimes you just don't know what's going wrong... until you look a little deeper and find a mindset to thrive.

Ms. Diaz Is A Principal In Eggleton Schools

Principal Diaz is on the phone with Superintendent Bailey. Mr. Bailey asks why test scores are okay, but could be better. He’s also concerned that a few teachers left last year while parents keep attending PTA and board meetings with mounting concerns. Ms. Diaz hangs up and asks herself, “I’m not sure what else I can do? I’ve done everything the district has asked.”

Academics Turn Out To Be More Than Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Over the past year, Ms. Diaz implemented new curriculum and extensive PD to help teachers focus on improving academics. She was even diligent in ensuring that all assessments met the new core standards. Yet, the needle has barely moved. Teachers, students, and parents are still frustrated and looking for answers.

So They Try Kickboard

Ms. Diaz and her leadership team start working with their Kickboard coach to figure out what’s going on. Walking through Kickboard’s school self-assessment process and getting a personalized review of their Kickboard Leadership Rubric score, Ms. Diaz and her entire team soon discover that there is more than meets the eye to the school’s academic issues. School culture may have something to do with academics after all.

Kickboard Is On The Scene To Help

Kickboard coaches soon begin to share real best practices from successful school culture leaders while teachers start to track student behaviors with Kickboard software. They can now calculate the lost instructional time due to behavioral issues - right down to the minute. The root cause had been school culture all along. 

Kickboard Software Leads Data-Driven Change

Principal Diaz and her teachers now use Kickboard to visualize classroom culture patterns and behavioral trends. Real positive change is in sight. Teachers are less discouraged now that Mrs. Diaz is in Kickboard with them using real-time data to construct better classroom management techniques that complement the increased focus on academics. 

Behavioral Interventions Support Achievement

When small problems stay small, they don't allow situations to escalate to out-of-class referrals. Principal Diaz can now see in Kickboard who is on a behavior plan to ensure that students receive the best in-class support. Just a quick glance on their tablet shows teachers exactly where and when to intervene to get a student back on track. Not a minute wasted - and no more lost instruction time!

A School Has Found Its Way

School culture is now measurable and positive behavior is contributing to more time in class. Test scores are starting to show improvement while teachers are eager to stay on board and make even greater gains next year. The next time the phone rings and Superintendent Bailey is on the line, Principal Diaz will be smiling as she looks back on all the progress they’ve made.

This improvement is huge for us. When we looked at the number of minutes students were out of class for infractions or suspensions, we saw a strong correlation with whether or not students passed our state assessments. With Kickboard, Teachers are able to be more proactive — in the moment — so they can keep students in class and have quality learning time. That is directly correlated to the improvement in our school performance score and grade.

Dawn Love, Principal - Ascension Parish School Board

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