Our Technology Comes With A Coach. 

How many times have you invested in non-academic technology for your schools, been told that it'll cure all your woes, taken a few training sessions, and were left alone to figure out how some software is going to make a student get a better grade or a teacher manage a better classroom? Yeah, there are a lot of good marketers out there.

That's why we do things differently. A better way. Sure, we make a lot of confident statements about our school culture technology. But that's because when you buy Kickboard for your schools, you're actually going to get a real, live, experienced Kickboard coach to work with you and your team all year long to ensure that we can help everyone work towards your bold goals. 

Yes, you read that right. Our technology comes with a coach.

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Why Kickboard Leadership Coaching Matters

  • We know how to leverage school culture to influence academic outcomes.
  • We ensure that Kickboard fits your culture model - PBIS, Social Emotional Learning, or your own unique school culture improvement initiative.
  • We are with you all year long. We visit you. We coach you. We work with your team. We're accountable to you.

How It Works

Forget about everything you've ever experienced with a technology partner. Clear your mind. Now let's start over. Before you even start using Kickboard, you'll meet your coach and talk all about yourself. We'll come to you with open ears to learn everything there is to know about your current school culture, your leadership goals, your school practices, and even the personalities and skill-sets on your team. Then, after you've shared your state-of-the-union, we'll construct a year-long plan to get you from Kickboard training all the way to becoming a real school culture success story.

<strong>How It Works</strong>

Self Assessment

We'll guide you (and your team, if you so desire) through a thoughtfully-designed self assessment that helps you (and us!) fully understand every nook and cranny of your leadership team's mindsets and skills.

The Kickboard Rubric

Together, we apply what we've learned from the self assessment to our proprietary school culture leadership rubric. We'll get a personalized rating that precisely identifies the keys to your very own school culture transformation with Kickboard. 

Strategic Planning

We'll look at all the data from your rubric ratings, identify key patterns and takeaways in your team's results, and determine an initial focus area with short and long-term goals. We'll also determine when and where Kickboard technology implementation makes sense. 

The Coaching Cycle

This is where the magic happens. All year long, you and your team will work with Kickboard coaches who will instill best practices, observe your team through visits, videos and conversation, and analyze your growth by checking success measures and looking for evidence. 

Practices We Help You Master

We help build safe and happy schools where students and staff thrive. That's the Kickboard mission. We do this by obsessively focusing our coaching model on four key components of a thriving school environment.

Your coach will precisely align these skill-based coaching topics to how you use your Kickboard technology so everything - and everyone - works seamlessly together to transform your school culture.

School Climate & Culture

Excel in PBIS, Social Emotional Learning, or your own culture model.

Leadership Foundations

Set high expectations for students and staff with accountable goals.

Behavioral Interventions

Practice effective interventions that keep students on-track.

Data-Driven Leadership

Analyze school-wide behavior data to influence key decisions.

Tools We Use Together

The Kickboard Rubric

Over 20 success indicators that serve as a guide to your coaching and growth with Kickboard. And it's all based on our model of excellence - practiced by district and school leaders just like you.

The Coaching Impact Report

A custom tool we built ourselves that uses real data to measure the growth of you and your leadership team to ensure your new culture initiative works.

Skills and Micro Skills

In person, virtually, and wherever we meet. Our coaches teach, train, guide, and monitor the effectiveness of the big and small skills that transform school culture.

The Resource Library

We'll share a multitude of impactful ideas and practices from real school leaders and educators who excel in school culture. Videos, protocols, templates, best practices - we've got it all.

Why This Is Different

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    We Don't Do One-And-Done Training

    We believe that real growth happens with incremental changes over time. Our tightly-aligned technology, training, and coaching is designed to support highly-skilled school leadership teams who drive high-performing schools.

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    We've Been In Your Shoes

    We’ve selectively built a team of educational leadership experts who will make Kickboard your biggest partner and champion – from classrooms & district offices to education technology pioneers.

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    It's Affordable

    Don't expect a consultant's fee here. Kickboard's leadership coaching is an affordable component of your overall Kickboard investment.

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    We're Accountable To You

    Your Kickboard coaching model is built with goals and outcomes in mind. The data we use to measure your success are also held up against our success. We evaluate ourselves right alongside you and your team.

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Four years ago, during my first year teaching here, we had over 200 suspensions. Since then, we’ve dramatically reduced the number of suspensions. This school year, in our first semester with Kickboard, we had only 3 out-of-school suspensions.

Wesley Owings, Elementary Team Lead - Lyon Academy, St. Louis Public Schools

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