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Check out our Brag Board to see valuable practices and impressive results from schools across the US and find out if someone from YOUR school won a prize!

Farragut Elementary  |  St. Louis, MO


Patricia C.

St. Louis, MO



  • Decreased suspensions by 60%
  • Increased positive behaviors 57%
  • Decreased incidents of bullying by 20%
  • Maintained daily attendance at the 90th percentile all year

How they did it:

  • Recognized the top ten students from the Leaderboard every morning, with winners wearing gold medals throughout the day
  • Issued paychecks to students each Friday
  • Set dollar goals with students and regularly communicated to students their Kickboard balances




LaDonna S.

Clarkston, GA



  • Improved tardiness across all of her classes by 95%.

How they did it:

  • Maintained a consistent school-wide practice of holding students accountable for getting to class on time
  • Planned school-wide, fun-filled parties and trips students could earn based on Kickboard points




Zachary V.

Charleston, SC



  • Reduced student suspensions by approximately 40%
  • Achieved 80% positivity for the year

How they did it:

  • School leaders continuously used data and monitored positivity
  • Had regular rewards for teachers with the highest positivity ratio
  • Conducted 1-on-1 meetings with students
  • Instituted problem-solving teams to support teachers


While we could only offer prizes to three schools, you are ALL winners in our eyes for the many ways you work tirelessly to create safe and happy schools. Here are a just a few examples of intentional practices shared during our Brag Board Contest that led to success this year:​



Nilly B.

San Lorenzo, CA

  • Conducted Restorative Justice conversations and reflections guided by Kickboard data and behavior logs
  • Aligned behaviors to school virtues of justice, wisdom, humanity, and courage
  • Used poor behavior choices as a starting point for growth, rather than taking just a punitive approach

Trena C.

Milwaukee, WI

  • Shared school positivity ratio graph with students during morning meeting as part of a daily “character update”
  • Held weekly culture analysis meetings to pull out common trends and set priorities

Stacy M.

Madison, TN

  • Set a school-wide positivity goal

Lisa G.

Houston, TX

  • Set a school-wide goal of raising $1 million collectively with incentives attached.
  • Monitored and displayed publicly each grade level’s contribution and progress toward the school’s goal.
  • Held grade level auctions using Kickboard dollars

Winton T.

New York, NY

  • Used Kickboard merits to purchase items in the school store

Sarah K.

Washington, DC

  • Held monthly competitions between classes focused on a different behavior goal each month. The class with the most points for the focus behavior at the end of the month won a special privilege or a field trip.
  • Sent home student culture reports for parent signature each Thursday
  • Advisory teacher used culture reports every Friday morning during individual student check-ins.

Sylvia J.

Houston, TX

  • Students used weekly paychecks to purchase experiences such as lunch with an administrator or items from the school store.

Antondria D.

Houston, TX

  • Offered incentive experiences by grade level and for the entire school
  • Projected Daily Activity as they taught, so students were continuously aware of their balances
  • Used Daily Activity and notes feature to document parent engagement

Sindy P.

Los Angeles, CA

  • Used Kickboard in conjunction with the color system, allowing students to earn dollars for ending the day on green or brilliant.

Anne B.

Houston, TX

  • Analyzed culture data as a grade level team
  • Tied merits earned to year-end rewards

Shywhanta D.

Memphis, TN

  • Used Kickboard evidence to facilitate parent-teacher conferences
  • Offered monthly, school-wide reward events (such as dances) that students could earn with merit points

Etoya W.

Atlanta, GA

  • Used Kickboard as part of Advisory class to monitor student interventions and eligibility for extracurricular activities


These ideas are just a small sampling of the amazing practices out there in our Kickboard Community and we are proud of the impact you are having on school-wide culture.  Thank you for the many ways you’ve inspired students in 2015-2016 and we look forward to even greater success next school year!




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