Ripple Effects Social Emotional Learning Digital Interventions

Ripple Effects provides evidence-based, trauma-informed digital interventions to improve behavior and social emotional skills. Schools use Ripple Effects at the universal (Tier 1), targeted (Tier 2) and intensive (Tier 3) levels for PBIS and social emotional learning (SEL).

Kickboard & Ripple Effects Identify and Address Problem Behaviors

In combination, Kickboard and Ripple Effects allows you to identify students struggling with behavior or skill deficits, address the behavior as well as the cause underneath, and improve the behavior – all while monitoring progress in real time.


Kickboard & Ripple Effects Integration

Implement Kickboard & Ripple Effects to:

  • Improve students’ behavior
  • Address students’ non-academic barriers to learning, including trauma
  • Reduce repeat referrals for defiant, disrespectful and disruptive behavior
  • Fill gaps in mental health services and behavioral supports
  • Adopt evidence-based alternatives to exclusionary discipline practices
  • Collect real-time behavior data to monitor intervention outcomes
  • Flag students who may be at risk for social, emotional and behavioral problems

An Innovative Digital SEL Intervention for Elementary, Middle and High School

Ripple Effects strength-based, learner-directed, and trauma-informed digital interventions provide social, emotional, and behavioral skill training.

Effective at all three tiers and used across school settings, Ripple Effects interventions can be used for:




Ripple Effects provides personalized skill-building around a presenting problematic behavior and addresses the underlying reason or a challenge a student is facing. A single session can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes. For more extensive and intensive social-emotional skill-building and behavioral training at the individual or group level, a more structured approach that extends over multiple sessions is recommended.

Choose from the more than 400 tutorials in Ripple Effects for Teens or 200 tutorials in Ripple Effects for Kids to create a customized intervention plan that matches the identified needs of your student(s).

Students using Ripple Effects demonstrate positive gains in academic achievement, attendance, and resiliency asset scores, and reductions in suspensions, ISS referrals, dropout rates, behavior problems, and depression scores.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Digital Interventions by Grade

Ripple Effects for Kids (grades 2-5)

In Ripple Effects for Kids (grades 2-5) provides tech-based, personalized, positive, social, emotional and behavioral skill-building that empowers students to overcome the barriers to their learning success. With peer-narrated, multimedia-rich, culturally inclusive content, Ripple Effects for Kids reaches students at their most teachable moments. Tutorials range from learning readiness skills like following instructions, to helping with school-based challenges, (bullying, gossip, attention problems, feeling left out, teacher problems), to out-of-school issues (from pet loss to abuse issues, from tobacco use to divorce, and many more).

Ripple Effects for Teens (grades 6-12)

Ripple Effects for Teens (grades 6-12) is a comprehensive intervention that addresses both behavior challenges and the reasons behind them – from simple skill deficits to cultural alienation, from personal trauma to systemic injustice – with safeguards for student confidentiality built in. The 430 interlinking, personalized tutorials are engaging, culturally inclusive, learner-directed, and proven to work, especially with students who have multiple risk factors for school failure. Students can track their progress with a built-in Scorecard, and a Data Viewer makes it easy for educators to track individual and group student progress.