PowerSchool has selected Kickboard as their exclusive district and school-wide behavioral solution.


The integration of PowerSchool and Kickboard makes it easy for schools and districts to:

  • Input and run detailed reports on incidents and referrals through direct data exchanges between Kickboard and PowerSchool’s incident module or log entry module.
  • Enhance MTSS and RTI initiatives through real-time student data and trends.
  • Implement whole child dashboards including behaviors, grades, test scores, attendance, and incidents.
  • Measure the growth and impact of SEL, PBIS, and school climate initiatives in real time.
  • Exchange information seamlessly with PowerSchool SIS and Schoology LMS to promote data quality and timely data access.
  • Provide insights into how behavioral trends and SEL can impact student outcomes through integration with Performance Matters Analytics.

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Integration Map

PowerSchool SIS

  • Single Sign-On
  • Rostering & Discipline Data

Incidents / Referrals Integration

  • Incidents entered into Kickboard go directly into PowerSchool SIS

Dashboard Integration with Performance Matters or Unified Insights

  • Behavior & SEL data within Analytics Baseball Card

Schoology LMS

  • Certified App
  • SSO, Rostering

Integrated Dashboards – Analytics with Performance Matters

  • Results in a “whole child” view of student performance that includes positive behaviors.
  • Integrates behavior data to enhance MTSS / RTI district or school-wide initiatives through personalized student support.
  • Includes behavior data with academic performance to allow for real-time progress monitoring of a district’s culture initiatives such as PBIS and/or SEL curriculum.
  • Combines demographic and behavior data supports culturally responsive initiatives.
  • Compares whole student and teacher data by school at the district level.
  • Analyzes longitudinal data comparing schools at the district level.

PowerSchool’s Unified Insights Dashboards (under development)

  • Determine the effectiveness and growth of the school’s or district’s SEL curriculum initiative.
  • Analyze student data over time sorted by CASEL’s behavioral competencies.
  • Compare whole student data such as demographics, grades, attendance and behaviors.
  • Analyze longitudinal data to help determine student growth. Especially helpful for MTSS / RTI student initiatives.

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