Centervention Social Emotional Learning Intervention Activities

Our partner Centervention provides evidence-based, grades K-8, Tiers 2 and 3 interventions for PBIS and social emotional learning (SEL) in the form of engaging and interactive games.

Combining Kickboard and Centervention for PBIS and Social Emotional Learning Targeted (Tier 2) and Intensive (Tier 3)

Kickboard and Centervention have partnered to provide schools a proactive solution for targeted (Tier 2) and intensive (Tier 3) PBIS and social emotional learning (SEL) intervention. Use Centervention online learning games for specialized behavior and SEL instruction for students requiring additional support or at risk for developing mental, emotional, and behavioral problems. Use Kickboard to specify and monitor progress on PBIS and SEL intervention plans that target identified students’ needs for growth.


Kickboard & Centervention Integration

This combined solution enables schools to:

  • Proactively address students’ PBIS and SEL Tiers 2 and 3 intervention needs
  • Adopt evidence-based alternatives to exclusionary discipline practices
  • Collect real-time data to monitor students’ progress toward completion of their Tier 2 or Tier 3 goals
  • Evaluate effectiveness of PBIS and SEL interventions with real-time data collection on behaviors and SEL skills
  • Flag students who may be at risk for social, emotional and behavioral problems based on analysis of real-time data

The Centervention Inventory from Kickboard is a set of student behaviors for real-time monitoring that are aligned to the social emotional skills and behaviors  developed through ZooU, S.S. GRIN, and Hall of Heroes. The Centervention Inventories offer Kickboard users a curated set of behaviors related to six social-emotional skill areas: communication, cooperation emotion regulation, empathy, impulse control, and social initiation. The Centervention Inventory is included in our Guide to Kickboard and Centervention Integration

An Innovative Online Elementary and Middle School SEL Intervention

Centervention provides online social emotional learning curriculum to help students in grades K-8 improve SEL skills and behaviors. These games are fun for students, automatically gather data so educators can monitor progress, and include supplemental lessons to reinforce learning. With Centervention, educators can meet students where they are, address their unique needs, and do so in a fun, effective way.

Centervention’s research and evidence-based programs offer an innovative, blended learning instructional model consisting of three components:


practice of simulated social scenarios.


to identify areas for additional focus.


and activities to reinforce learning.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Instructional Activities & Games by Grade

Zoo U for Grades 2-4

In Zoo U, students learn the fundamentals of social and emotional skills through common scenarios like joining games at recess and working with a partner, with the added fun of friendly animals. Skills include: communication, cooperation, emotion regulation, empathy, impulse control, and social initiation.

S.S. GRIN for Grades 3-5

In Adventures Aboard the S.S. GRIN, Commander Callous and other villains threaten to destroy friendship on Pacifico Island! Players must prove their skills to the keeper of each friendship stone by helping citizens of the island. Skills include: respect, think ahead, stop and think, communication, check it out, building friendships, and cooperation.

Hall of Heroes for Middle School

In Hall of Heroes, students navigate a superhero middle school where they must build their powers and skills to make friends, resist peer pressure, and save the school from super villain Dr. Klepto. Skills include: communication, cooperation, emotion regulation, empathy, impulse control, and social initiation.