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Tips on How Maximize the Use of the Behavior Point Tracker:

Set the Stage

Identify the core value(s) or behavior(s) that you’d like to have teachers target with students and the goal of the program (i.e. increase positive reinforcement).

These can be broad like “Safe, Respectful, Responsible,” or more detailed like “On Time, Active Learner, Teamwork.”

Determine when and how points will be reviewed with students and what rewards or recognition will occur each week.

Have teachers plan for time at the end of each class to track the behaviors so that it is simple to use and easy to remember.

Encourage teachers to ask questions and offer suggestions to increase their buy-in.

Clearly state (and post) the behavior expectations in observable and measurable terms (i.e.: Prepared, On Time).

Determine Your reinforcements.

Be sure to have concrete plans to positively reinforce appropriate behavior and ways to hold students accountable when they do not meet expectations. Encourage your students to come up with ideas or pass out a simple reinforcer or preference survey for them to fill out. Think about reinforcements that might motivate positive student behavior. For example, stickers, extra privileges and opportunities to lead.

As a response to misbehavior, align the constructive response to the action you expect from teachers. If a student is not showing respect to others, reiterate the classroom norm and have the student identify why this is an important rule. Consistent reinforcements are important for students to learn from their behavior.

Get Started!

Use the Free Student Behavior Point Tracker to easily collect daily data on your chosen core value(s).