Amazon Alexa FAQ

Common Amazon Alexa
Questions Answered:

Family members can access a student’s Kickboard information through Alexa only if they have a Kickboard Family Portal account. Access to the Kickboard Family Portal is granted by the school. 

If you have a Kickboard Family Portal account, link Alexa by downloading the Alexa app on your mobile phone and logging in with your Amazon account credentials. 

On the Alexa app

  1. Search for Kickboard in the Skills section of the Alexa app.
  2. Click “Enable” and follow the instructions to link your Kickboard account to complete setup.
  3. Ask, “Alexa, are there any updates from the school?” any time you want to hear Kickboard updates for your student.

Skills are voice-driven Alexa capabilities. You can enable the Kickboard skill if you want access to your student’s behaviors through Alexa.

Before sharing student information through Alexa, we must identify who you are. By entering your username and password you created when signing up for Kickboard, we can locate your account and link this to your Alexa device. In order to protect your information, Alexa does not receive your login credentials.

Kickboard family portal users with a parent account may use their credentials to link to our skill.

After you enable and account link the Kickboard skill, you can choose to enable the “Limit Access” feature from the skill settings page in the Alexa app. Enabling this feature for the first time will prompt you to create an Alexa voice profile and a 4-digit personal passcode. After the limit access setting is enabled for the Kickboard skill, whenever you request your student’s behaviors, Alexa will use a combination of voice recognition and passcode verification to ensure that the request is coming from you. If Alexa cannot verify that it is you making the request, then no information will be shared. You can change this setting at any time from the Kickboard skill detail page in the Alexa app by entering your personal passcode. When the limit access feature is not enabled, anyone with physical access to your Alexa device will be able to ask for and receive information from the Kickboard skill.

No. Alexa is a convenient way to access common information, but it is not required. You can continue to get this information, along with other information that is not available through Alexa, in Kickboard’s Family Portal.

No. You can use Alexa for free on your mobile phone inside the Alexa app even if you don’t own any Alexa devices. Learn more about supported operating systems and minimum requirements here.

Yes. Using Alexa is in your control, and if you choose not to enable and link your Amazon account to the Kickboard skill, then none of your information will be sent to Amazon or be accessible through Alexa.

Information about the Amazon Alexa privacy policies for Education skills can be found at

If you already have a Kickboard Parent account, follow these instructions to link your account to Alexa.


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