How Amazon Alexa can Improve Parent Communication in Education


Technology is a great way for parents to have easy access and stay connected to their child’s school by staying current on student academic and behavioral performance. For families, technology is a way to build relationships with the school, thus becoming a communication tool for parents. Consistent school-to-home communication is a great way to not only build rapport but exchange pertinent school information. 

Amazon has launched new education skills for Alexa that improve school communication with parents. Voice-activated Alexa devices and the Alexa mobile app can be used by parents to receive information about school events, academics and student behavior in real-time. In collaboration with Amazon Alexa, Kickboard users have more options for communicating with parents. Additional tools for communication creates more opportunities for parents to be connected to and involved with the school.

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The Amazon Alexa skills function as a liaison between the school and home. Parents can use Alexa updates from the school to inform how they respond to their student’s daily activity. For example, if a student had a good report on a quiz or a positive note from a teacher about behavior, the parent could offer a reward or respond with positive praise. If there was a challenging part of the day, the parent can begin to address this and provide constructive feedback and intentional supports. This is a unique way to engage with the school and provide direct support for their student.  

Teachers are able to provide behavior reports and messages about the student through the Alexa skills. In response, parents can begin to address areas that need improvement or celebrate successes at home using some of the similar instructions and practices as the teacher.

The partnership between Amazon Alexa and Kickboard provides opportunities to increase parent communication. The Kickboard skill will advance the opportunity for engagement and intentional involvement with the school. The information being shared is both private and secure. Parents and schools are able to share important information securely through Alexa. 

Behavior Management Skills

Communication about specific student behaviors from the teacher through Alexa will allow parents to have real-time reports during the day in order to support student behavior outside of the classroom. 

Messages from School to Home

The Alexa skills include customizable responses that support with communicating from school to home. For example, the teacher can set up notes to share with the parent. This information could include academic performance, grades and behavior. For parents having a central location for these details is important. This information can be collected from multiple teachers in different classes synthesizing all of the information from the student.

Parents can leverage real-time data to connect with staff to provide timely and direct support when the student needs it. Alexa provides an additional tool for parent communication that can consolidate information parents are looking for and ensure a strong school-to-home connection.