Video: Teaching With Kickboard


These videos highlight teachers from Memphis, Tennessee, who do a phenomenal job of positively reinforcing student behavior. Check out how they use Kickboard in the moment to ensure positive behaviors are narrated, captured, and reinforced while maintaining the flow and momentum of their instruction.

We realize no school or classroom is exactly like yours, so we’re offering you a variety of examples to make sure you can find something that works!  The common thread is that all of these examples show positive behavior recording in real-time, providing students immediate feedback and offering timely communication among staff regarding student needs.

Recording Behavior In the Moment

Mr. Tartera carries around an iPad while he’s teaching and fluently enters student behaviors using the Kickboard mobile app. Watch how he reinforces academic rigor and positive learning habits by entering “Buckets” (their name for positive Kickboard points) while he teaches and during partner work. By giving students real-time feedback, Mr. Tartera is not only teaching content but is also teaching the behaviors and skills necessary to be successful.

Whole Class Points

Ms. Miles-Akoi opts to use Kickboard’s web-based app as she teaches. Watch how she rewards the whole class with “Ganas” to reinforce whole group positive choices. Ms. Miles-Akoi uses group points to build community and as a stepping stone for helping individual students become motivated intrinsically to make positive choices.

Reinforcing Academic Habits

Ms. Rudd doesn’t miss a beat as she activates students’ background knowledge prior to new learning. She keeps the review fast-paced, entering “Buckets” for positive academic behaviors such as being insightful, showing persistence, and using evidence to support claims. This real-time behavior recording also allows other teachers insight into student performance beyond what they see during their own class.

But wait! We gathered so much great footage, we couldn’t help but share more. Check out this bonus clip of a class behavior reflection activity.

Watch it here

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