Managing School Culture in Distance & Remote Learning Settings


Through Consistency

In order to create a new normal, it’s vital to maintain some semblance of the old normal. Like a security blanket, Kickboard can help you offer some consistency from past school life to the current present. Using your school’s common language of behaviors and continuing the schoolwide culture work you did before gives students, staff and families something familiar to cling to.

Positivity, Now More Than Ever

As leaders, it’s important to keep your chin up along with everyone else’s. Remember in everyday life, a person needs to feel at least 3 positive emotions for every one negative feeling in order to thrive. This pandemic is creating so much fear, anxiety, stress, and boredom that it’s imperative that we counter these feelings with loads of positivity. Using Kickboard gives you a systemic way to ensure positivity is generated. And as adults dole out positive feedback by entering Kickboard behaviors and specific comments, they in turn get to experience a positive feeling in that moment. Win-win!

Social-Emotional Skills Will Carry Us Through 

While stressful and incredibly hard, our social and emotional skill sets will be what help us thrive in the end. It is a vital time to help children recognize when they self-regulate, when they are aware of and communicate needs, and when they make a responsible choice. Every child and adult in America is finding new ways to persevere, empathize, and be kind so let’s turn these into teachable celebrations!

Home-School Partnerships—Seize the Moment!

Educators have never had a more captive audience since most caregivers are isolated at home with their school-aged children. Research shows that the more involved a parent or caregiver is in their child’s education, the more likely the child will succeed. Now is a beautiful opportunity to strengthen those partnerships and Kickboard is an easy way to keep families informed, communicating with you, and fired-up to help their child. Just think of the family momentum you’ll have once students return to school!

Idea Guide: Repurposing Kickboard During School Closures

Download the guide to read some simple ideas for rethinking your PBIS, SEL, and school culture programs while buildings are closed. Reimagining your school culture and climate will increase positivity, build security with consistency, bolster critical SEL skills, and engage adults in their child’s learning throughout your school. 

Note: Some ideas are for schools that are digitally connected to all students. However, given the digital divide and in the interest of equity, we also tried to include ideas that don’t assume devices and internet access are readily available. 

  • Create new behavior expectations to support at-home learning
  • Set expectations for a community-wide positive school culture effort
  • Set up Distance-Friendly Celebrations and Incentives
  • Maximize Messaging

Keeping School Culture Positive and Consistent in Remote & Distance Learning Settings