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How Amazon Alexa can Improve Parent Communication in Education

Technology is a great way for parents to have easy access and stay connected to their child’s school by staying current on student academic and behavioral performance. For families, technology is a way to build relationships with the school, thus becoming a communication tool for parents.

3 Ways Amazon Alexa Helps Families Engage Their Schools

Amazon Alexa has launched partnerships with a number of Ed Tech companies to create ways that schools can be more connected to families. This innovative approach to engaging families expands the reach of student information from the school to the home.

How to Increase Parent Involvement in Schools

During my first year student teaching, I was inspired by all of the talents and brilliance of my students. These young people were excited about learning and I wanted their supporters to experience this energy as well.

What is Family Engagement in Schools?

For schools to build on-going, authentic, and collaborative relationships with families, educators need to shift their thinking from family involvement to family engagement. Involvement vs. Engagement  For schools to build on-going, authentic,