Herzl School of Excellence

With Herzl’s intentional shift from punitive to positive, and their focus on data-driven action, they are living up to their “turnaround” name and seeing great gains in student achievement. Challenges During the 2015-2016 school year at Herzl School in Chicago, less than 50% of students were on track with their learning. More than 1,600 behavior […]

Ron Brown College Preparatory High School

School Re-Imagined: How a DC High School Transforms Lives Using Data-Driven Restorative Practices District of Columbia Public Schools Ron Brown College Preparatory High School  /  Washington, D.C. Grades 9-10 205 students 96% Economically disadvantaged 29% Special education 96% African-American 3% Hispanic 3% Multiple Races http://www.rbhsmonarchs.org/   Summary Ron Brown College Preparatory High School (RBHS), Washington, […]

Hope Public Schools


FROM PILOT TO DISTRICT-WIDE SCHOOL CULTURE TRANSFORMATION Hope Public Schools are going through a transformation – focusing on positive climate and culture as a part of the district-wide strategy for improvement in the wake of being labeled academically distressed. 6 schools Grades PreK – 12 2,349 students 83% Economically disadvantaged 9% Special education 46% African-American […]

Bentley Academy Charter School


Bentley Academy Charter School Jumps from Level 4 to Level 1 School, Exits Turnaround Status Once among Massachusetts’ lowest-achieving public schools, Bentley Elementary has achieved significant gains to become a role model for turnaround schools. Since launching the Kickboard school culture system in 2014 and becoming Bentley Academy Charter School (BACS) in 2015, the school has dramatically […]

Carmen High School of Science and Technology


Carmen Northwest High School’s Rigorous Academics and Character-Based Culture Turns High-Poverty School into High-Performing School At Carmen Northwest High School (CNHS), a majority of students are from low-income homes in Milwaukee’s central city, where access to a challenging college preparatory education has been limited. By combining a rigorous academic program with a school-wide focus on […]

HOPE Christian High School


HOPE High School Saves Time and Makes It Easy to Analyze and Act On Student Behavior Data with Kickboard After juggling multiple technology tools and paper-based systems, HOPE Christian High School turned to the Kickboard school culture system to help collect and manage student behavior data. Since launching Kickboard school-wide in fall 2016, the high […]

Durham Elementary


Durham Elementary Reduces Suspensions and Improves Academic Performance by Building Relationships and Creating a Strong School Culture Shortly after arriving at Durham Elementary in 2015, Principal Amy Poerschke rolled out a Student Motivation System and the Kickboard school culture system. By aligning core beliefs concerning classroom management with proven practices and resources, the school has: […]

Betty Best Elementary


With CHAMPS™ and Kickboard, Best Elementary Celebrates State Accountability Success Two years after Betty Best Elementary received a state accountability rating of Improvement Required, a new leadership team took the helm and implemented the CHAMPS™ model to improve student behavior and create a more positive environment for teaching and learning. The following year, the urban […]

Lyon Academy Case Study


Climate & Culture: From 200 Suspensions To Just 3 Lyon Elementary Reduces Suspensions by Creating a Positive School Culture Part of St. Louis Public Schools, Lyon Academy began using Kickboard in August 2014 to improve student behavior. In its first semester of use, the urban Title I school reduced the number of in-school and out-of-school […]

Tech Boston


Special Education Crossroads Program Saves Time And Improves Student Motivation With Kickboard Crossroads is a special education program serving students who have a primary disability that is social or emotional. Situated in the TechBoston Academy, part of Boston Public Schools, it provides students with a small group setting and a therapeutic component. Since launching Kickboard […]