Product Support Specialist

Compensation: Hourly rate commensurate with experience

At Kickboard, we’re looking for a Product Support Specialist to ensure extraordinary levels of customer success during a period of extraordinary growth.

This could be a perfect fit if…

Kickboard’s philosophy about Product Support is rooted in our core values: Create Joy, Teachers are Platinum, Stay Focused, Help Each Other Be Great, and Never Stop Growing.

We’re looking for a candidate with mission fit. Someone who won’t be satisfied with knocking standard response and resolution metrics out of the park, and wants to go one step further – improving the extent to which Kickboard is making a positive, lasting impact on school culture.


In this role, you will combine tech-savvy with empathy for the day-to-day realities of educators to ensure all customer schools are successful in implementing Kickboard’s software platform.

Specifically, day-to-day activities would involve:


Special Note: This position is available from June 19th through September 29th, with the potential to extend to a permanent role on the team based on performance.  All applicants must be available for the entire duration to be considered for the position.

How to Apply

Please submit your resume and a cover letter explaining:

  1. Why you want be a Product Support Specialist.
  2. Why you want be a Product Support Specialist at Kickboard.
  3. A description of a great customer service/support experience you had recently, and what made it great.
  4. Lastly, pick three of the questions from customers below and answer them like you would if you worked here:
    1. Last year we had Groups set up for each of our homerooms. How can I set those up again for this year?
    2. I have 100 new students that I need to add to Kickboard this year, and I need to remove my graduating 8th graders from the master roster. Do I need to do this one by one, or is there a faster way?
    3. How do I get my parents set up on the Parent Portal?
    4. I uploaded my students with their names reversed by accident (i.e. their first name is in the last name field and vice versa) HELP!!
    5. I’m the PowerSchool administrator for ABC School and I’ve been asked to set up an autosend for Kickboard’s SIS Sync. I’ve set it up, but it doesn’t seem like the SIS sync is running.

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Kickboard is successful because every single one of our team members wants to work in a safe, happy, and thriving environment. After all - we know that our company's mission helps schools succeed like never before, so it's only natural that we'd do the same thing here.

-Jen Medbery, Kickboard's CEO

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