Playbook: Quick Tips For Leaders

Mar 16 10AM
Playbook: Quick Tips For Leaders

Did you know the culture of a school can directly impact student learning and achievement? What if there were quick & easy practices you could implement today to create a more positive culture — and kickstart your journey toward improved school performance?

In a new How-To Guide, Kickboard and 4 school leaders share 8 simple strategies to:

  • Increase attendance
  • Reduce discipline referrals
  • Reduce suspensions
  • Improve academic achievement

Even better, each of these practices takes 10 minutes or less!

Whether you’re launching a major transformation or making just a few minor tweaks to move the achievement needle, you can make a difference in your school or district — starting today.

Download your FREE copy of “Quick Tips for School & District Leaders”. Discover how real schools are achieving real results — and how you can, too!

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