New Video: Make the Most of Student Alerts

May 11 2PM
New Video: Make the Most of Student Alerts

News Flash! Kickboard has a new text notification feature and we want you to hear first-hand how some excellent leaders are using it.

During the webinar:

  • School leaders will share how they are using text notifications to respond to both positive and negative behavior immediately
  • Kickboard Product Specialists will walk participants through how to easily set up notifications and use the feature.

Watch the video and learn how to make the most of our new student notifications!

Download the official slide deck from our webinar right here.


Check out the following related information:

Text Message Notifications are HERE!

Setup Guide for Kickboard Text Message Notifications

We want to hear the great ways YOU are ensuring a positive finish to the school year. Tweet your ideas and pictures to us @kickboard using #KBfinishstrong.


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