Kickboard Schools - Are You A Culture Power-User?

Feb 02 2PM
Kickboard Schools - Are You A Culture Power-User?

What do we mean by getting the most out of Kickboard? We mean that all of your teachers and staff engage and use the software consistently, frequently, and make it a part of their daily routine. Here are three fast and easy things you can do every day to figure out if your Kickboard usage is where it needs to be:

1: Check Your Positivity Ratio In the School Dashboard: Simply log into Kickboard and use the Positivity Ratio graphs to see how many positive and negative behaviors have been tracked schoolwide and within each grade level this week. Now you’ll know where Kickboard is being utilized the most and which grade levels need to step up their game.

2: Analyze Your Culture Data: Next, dive into the data on the Culture Analysis page by navigating to Culture → Analysis. The dashboards on this page go many steps deeper than the positivity ratio. Here, you’ll be able to ensure that key behaviors are being tracked across every single classroom and you can ensure that everyone is reinforcing  behaviors in a consistent manner. After all - that’s the best way to ensure buy-in of your culture program! Power-user tip - you can even use the Filter functionality to look at specific behaviors.

3: Analyze Your Classroom Usage Trends: Finally, it’s time to make sure that every teacher is getting the full benefits of using Kickboard in their classroom. Stay on the Culture Analysis page and click the “Teacher” button on the filter bar at the top. Start by filtering for the grade level you want to look into, and click “Update”. You’ll now have a customized chart that shows you which teachers are using Kickboard consistently, and which teachers might need a helping hand to use it more consistently.  

There you go! You now have three quick tips to ensure that your entire school faculty, staff, and student population is receiving every benefit of your Kickboard investment. 

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