Driving Positivity and Usage in Kickboard

Aug 19 8AM
Driving Positivity and Usage in Kickboard

In addition to Kickboard Answers, the School Dashboard is a quick and easy way to keep your finger on the pulse of your school’s usage and positivity. The Dashboard is a valuable tool that will help you ensure the data is giving you the complete picture, that a sufficient number of behaviors are being recorded, and that your school is focused on the positive.

Quick Dashboard Check

A quick glance at the School Dashboard circle graph tells you about your school’s positivity for the week. If the circle is at least 75% green, you’re doing alright — your school is meeting Kickboard’s recommended 3:1 ratio of positive interactions to negative.

But is positivity enough? Hover over the totals and see just how many behaviors have been logged.


The school above has collectively captured a little over 1500 behaviors this week. Seems great at first glance, right? Except there are 500 kids in this school and so 1500 total behaviors, if indeed they were distributed evenly, means each student only had about 3 reinforcements in Kickboard for the whole week. Is this behavior traffic enough to motivate students to continue positive choices or turn poor ones around? In this case, not likely. There’s no easy answer as to how many encounters are “enough” to make the difference, but certainly the more narrations a student gets, the better.

While you’re on the School Dashboard, consider double-checking how each grade is doing by glancing to the right side of the screen.


Here you can see that two of the grade levels have at least a 3:1 positivity ratio, but 6th grade isn’t quite as positive and doesn’t have as many behaviors recorded in general. Their lower usage and lower positivity suggests you may need to delve a little deeper into their data, or perhaps do a quick culture check in the 6th grade classrooms.


Act On What You’ve Discovered

Here are our favorite ideas that have been wildly successful in helping schools increase both the number of behaviors recorded and their positivity ratios:

  • Set a positivity goal with your staff. Then report progress in staff newsletters each week.
  • Have a friendly competition among departments or grade levels with teacher incentives for the team who records the most positive behaviors.
  • Invite teachers to share successful practices and techniques for reinforcing behavior with Kickboard.
  • Plan regular school-wide positive rewards for students. Teachers, if they aren’t already, will quickly jump on board to help their students earn special experiences.





Having your Kickboard site configured and working the way you want it to is an important first step. However, it can’t be your only step if Kickboard is to truly be the tool to help guide your school’s transformation. Monitoring usage will help your school increase the quantity and quality of inputs so that data is valid. Only then can you use that data to inform decisions that will reshape campus culture!

So take the first step and log on! And if we can help, please contact us at support@kickboardforschools.com!


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