Building Experts In Schools to Address Chronic Absenteeism

Building Experts In Schools to Address Chronic Absenteeism

A school is like the body, it has many different parts that help it function. Chronic absenteeism is one disease that impacts the school’s system and student success. In order to attack this problem, schools should intentionally maintain healthy practices the protect the part of the body that will support robust attendance: the attendance review team.

Research shows that chronic absenteeism is a primary cause of low academic achievement and a powerful predictor of drop out. Forming an attendance review team can ensure that schools create a culture of attendance and catch problems early. The team should be equipped to address a myriad of student needs by bringing together experts that develop intentional knowledge in specific areas of chronic absence prevention and intervention.  

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Who is on the Attendance Review Team and How Can They Manage the Workload?

The attendance review team is made up of a variety of team members who specialize in areas that drive student support. Find a way to leverage strengths of school professionals and give them the ability to find external resources to help them find more ways to support students. School professionals on the attendance review team will more than likely have a variety of tasks to complete through the day. Setting a strategic schedule ensures that the attendance review team is able to manage the workload.

Consider building an attendance review team based on this Attendance Review Team toolkit.

Here at Kickboard we have seen many schools turnaround chronic absenteeism by using our mobile app, web platform, and professional development services to simplify attendance tracking and improve communication.

A key to proactively addressing chronic absenteeism is being prepared. Forming an attendance review team that sets attendance goals, regularly monitors attendance, communicates with parents about issues as they arise, and develops strategic interventions to students can be extremely beneficial.  Your school should be building experts that are able to analyze data, track trends, partner with community organizations and build solutions. Students deserve access to quality services and the attention review team has a responsibility to build expertise and provide comprehensive support for students.

Learn more about how to Get In Front of Chronic Absenteeism here.

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