18 Essential Behavior Data Analysis Questions

Sep 04 3PM
18 Essential Behavior Data Analysis Questions

Researchers know that when reviewing data, asking the right questions is the key to elucidating the information you seek. Nowhere is this truer than with a school’s behavioral and cultural data. Below are key questions to ask as you review your data. To make it easy, we’ve broken up the questions into three areas: patterns, consistency and direction. Each question is designed to help you paint a clearer picture of the cultural landscape at your school.


  • Are referral rates/suspensions different for different groups of students?
  • Are there days, times, or locations where students would benefit from increased supervision or additional preventive measures?
  • Are there specific areas of concern in the data that need to be addressed? How would they best be addressed? Who needs to be involved?
  • What preventive measures are we taking and what might we do to intervene more quickly?
  • What are the patterns in the disaggregated data?
  • Over time, what is happening to the gap in achievement among groups of students?
  • What is the composition of our student and staff populations? How do they relate to each other?


  • Are students receiving suspensions for non-mandatory offenses?
  • What other possible strategies can be used to address behavior issues?
  • What are the trends by grade level?
  • Are staff throughout the building using data consistently to address negative behaviors and/or to reward positive behaviors?
  • Are staff consistently implementing designated interventions to address specific behaviors?


  • Which teams, grade levels, or individual teachers would benefit from staff development, mentoring, and/or intervention help?
  • Are students with high referral rates receiving extra support? What does this look like? Is there evidence that extra support is changing behavior?
  • What can we see in the data that helps us pinpoint specific strategies for intervention and/or support?
  • What do we know about students who are new to the school, and what kinds of support are we offering them?
  • What are the specific areas of concern and to whom can we refer for help and support in those areas?

Want to go the extra mile? Conduct a survey with your staff that focuses on classroom behavior management challenges! This additional insight will help you analyze and give even more meaning to the data you area collecting. Learn more helpful hints and tips on creating a positive school climate and culture by checking out our playbook, 6 Steps to a Positive School Climate & Culture.

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