Families can use Alexa with Kickboard

Receive real-time student behavior information & school messages by voice

Family members can simply use their voice to receive school updates through the free Alexa app or any Alexa-enabled device.

Behavior Notes

Real-time behaviors with comments about your child from the teacher.

Teacher Messages

Information about your student.

Private & Secure

Secure communications.

Get Started

Once you've downloaded the Amazon Alexa app, you can enable the Kickboard skill in a snap.

Enable the skill

Open the Alexa app or go to Amazon.com. Tap or select “Skills” and search for Kickboard. Select “Enable”.

Link your account

Enter your Kickboard username and password.

Talk to Alexa

Now you can talk to Alexa about your Kickboard account. "Alexa, are there any updates from the school?"

“Behavioral update” means the school has student information to share from Kickboard

“Points balance” is the total points or dollars of the behaviors given. The point value per behaviors is determined by the school.

Things families hear

From Kickboard, there are 3 school updates. A behavioral update for Hannah. There are 35 behavior records for Hannah today. 16 positive, 7 corrective, No Neutral Behaviors. Hannah’s Points balance is 9 for today and 23 for the week so far. Great job with Bravery today!

“Behavior records” are teacher or administrator inputs that could be positive, corrective or neutral.

“Great job with Bravery today”. Kickboard randomly chooses one positive behavior to mention in order to congratulate the student.

Kickboard & Amazon Alexa Support

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